Corps song / anthem ?

'Evening one and all.

A bit out of my depth here, having no knowledge of matters of trucks, blankets or IEDs, so apols in advance for what may be a bone question.

Young Rat, presently residing in The Factory, has tasked me with identifying " The RLC Song ".
No, it's not your March Past, it's probably not been on ToTP and may possibly be a touch, shall we say, ahem, "poetic".

I told you, I haven't a clue. It's some sort of anthem or ditty for rendition after the tenth pint.

All contributions gratefully received. I'll watch and wait.

Old Rat

Thank you for looking. Seems to have been a stitch up. Nothing more heard.

Old Rat
Could it have been along the lines of:

"Driving down the Autobahn at ninety miles an hour

We are the RLC. What a bloody shower..."

I recall something along those lines, many, many moons ago. (Might even be a REME thing)


We are the Duisburg Rambling Club,
we ramble round from pub to pub,
to die of thirst we have no fear,
As long as we've a pint of beer,

etc etc

And there was great rejoicing......................
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