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Discussion in 'RLC' started by brettarider, Mar 11, 2006.

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  1. Anyone on the corpssaam on the 1/2nd April?
  2. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    No, but you know what.

    It's been that well advertised by the Corps/my Unit I didn't even know it was on.
  3. 11 Regt can't remember the combination for the blister to get the keys out for the armoury. I wonder how much 5.56mm Ball has been used at training this year by 11 Regt?
  4. I think the Corps SAAM is a bit of as piss take with this SUSAT malarkey. A team I took over a few years ago couldn't get hold of any so we ended up using bog standard iron sights. Talk about disadvantaged, I think the RLC should have their SAAM with the sights they are issued with instead of stripping sights off LSW's or scrouging from a local Inf Bn. Just bitter really because we came last!
  5. One of the reasons behind switching to SUSAT was to ensure all the Corps remained in competition with the Teeth Arms, we have some excellent shots in the RLC and some of those have been in the top 10 and winning matches over the past few years. To remain with ironsights I believe would have been the death of CORPSAAM and any 'decent' competition shooting within the Corps. As long as all the units use SUSAT it would remain fair, in fact I believe shooting with a SUSAT enhances the application of the marksmanship principles as you are forced to concentrate more on the actual target area...this is specifically so in the FIBUA Match!

    If you or any other aspiring shooting team has problems in the future attaining SUSATs, may I suggest (attempting not to sound like I am teaching you to suck eggs) that you speak to the QM well in advance and ask him to allocate them from within the unit. If he has a problem then the BOWO may be able to assist by borowing them from another unit not on operational duties (if there is such a beast!) or applying to the what I believe is the Loan Pool. It is the same issue with the ammunition, many times at CORPSAAM I hear about units having trouble getting ammunition for the shooting teams, you can again ask the QM to speak to the BOWO and they may be able to allocate you some via other means and not off your unit entitlement.

    I am 100 percent behind CORPSAAM, it allows us an opportunity to hone one of our basic soldierly requirements, it is a sound base upon which we can build up our top shots and run them with some confidence against the teeth and combat arms, it can only enhance a units operational readiness and on top of that it is a cracking few weeks having a good laugh with not only your own team but with the all the other cap badges...(*in joke alert*)...I wonder how many of you reading this remember 'fishing' each others vehicles...
  6. This years corpsaam was excellent. The organisation was great and the range set up was second to none. The SA80 actually behaved most of the time too!! With regards to the ammunition quality it was totally awful. We had many instances of percussion caps coming off after firing and getting stuck in the breeches. There were also a couple times when the empty cases split on ejection, totally stuffing things up for several firers on competition day. Its a shame the Army cant sort this out but at least it wasnt the gat stuffing things up for a change!!! On a different tangent, sexual equality only works in the Army if you're a woman. Our team was billeted at Brunswick Camp, Pirbright, for the week leading up to Corpsaam. For the actual competition, all the RLC males were forced to sleep in the gym on crappy old mattresses irrespective of rank, while the women had the billets that we had just been forced to give up. Equality my arse!!!
  7. Yes but there were a few DVD/TV combo's showing decent quality German porn not a total loss :wink:
  8. Turbo 158,

    Sorry to hear about the ammo, but did anybody do anything about it?

    Once was given a chest poking by a Wedge Suby asking why every time he used Fuze Inst it failed. He quickly changed the subject after he admitted that he had never reported any of the failures.
  9. Flying Felix;

    Why would we want to do anything about it :?: DRLC has already stated that ammunition is not core business of the RLC :!:

    We will have to wait until the system falls down and someone in the puzzle palace eventually realises what we have AT's for!
  10. So the books have been rewritten, combat supplies are no longer food, POL and Ammo according to DRLC. What does he think wins wars!