Corps RSMs Wearing RLC Conductor Badge of Rank

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by giles1969, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. I have recently seen a Corps RSM (not RLC) wearing the RLC Conductor Badge of Rank.

    Have I missed a trick, or are Corps RSM's entitled to wear the laurel wreath around the RSM badge?
  2. I saw the AMS Corps RSM wearing a massive badge on his mess dress recently, would that be the conductors badge? Its the first time Ive ever seen any of our CRSMs wearing it.
  3. I think this is as a result of the Corps RSMs recently deciding that they, quite rightly, needed a badge that would be recognisable to all as that of the Corps RSM. The RAC RSM now wears the RSM badge surrounded by a laurel wreath and i think all are moving towards that. Seems like a fair one to me that they should all wear the same badge but i would understand that if the RLC conductors were the only ones to wear it prior to this that they may have something to say about it. I had assumed they had been included in the discussions. (Not that i knew before i read this thread that they wore that badge anyway)!
  4. The Conductors badge is an old an honourable appointment (I believe the oldest in the Army - Conductor of Ordnance)

    If the Corps RSMs want a distinctive badge as befits their appointment - and I would support them in this, then they need their Arms and Services Director to authorise one - but not one that has already been claimed like our Conductors.

    Possibly an embroidered cap badge with laurels or something appropriate.
  5. Thanks for your comment 'Loggie'.

    I am sure the Corps RSM's have addressed the issue of wearing someone elses badge of rank.

    If lowly me did such a thing, I am sure I would get suitably chastised for it.
  6. I can't see any justification for a Corps RSM anyway. Seems like a make-work job to me. In what way is a Corps RSM different to a civil service none-job?
  7. Really. Did Corps RSM suddenly become another appointment then. Lets face it, is it ever done on merit? or merely who's available.

    Its a perfect way to alienate other WO1s. Excellent, well done. Which bright spark started this head up their arse idea then?
  8. Maybe all SSMs should should start to wear the Staff Quarter Master Sergeant style crown and laurel.

    Feckin stinks.

    Not a conductor, no laurel. Not in the right appointment dont wear it.


    edited before dingers turns his caps lock on. :)
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Apparently, and I quizzed our RSM in the mess when I was rather shedded, it looks similar to the Conductor badge but not quite, the wreath doesn't go as far round the horse and cat as the conductor badge, plus no circle on SD.

    Still, not quite sure why a Corps RSM should have a different badge. Surely his face should be the main recognition feature. :twisted:
  10. No. Thats what WO2(SQMS) wear which is a senior appointment.
  11. Absolutely Sk - if they started doing that how could you tell the difference between a Sergeant Major and an SQMS?
  12. Its not SQMS as in Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant its Staff Quarter Master Sergeant.
  13. In the AMS all WO2s have the RQMS style WO2 badge, even the clinical and nursing trades.
  14. It's a non topic, the badges are VERY different designs.

    Specsavers anyone?