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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by k613, Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Can I congratulate JG on his appointment as the CRSM des. A top bloke who I know will do a superb job for the soldiers.
  2. So that's why his name wasn't on the commissioning list....

    Well done JG, top bloke. First met him when he was a SSgt working at the Green Hut in NI.
  3. I think you'll find there might be another reason...........

    Congrats to him, mess meetings at Chicksands will be awesome to watch, unless the top job has cured his tourettes!
  4. Nice one JG.
    To break the ice at your first Mess Meeting, tell them that story you told me when we worked together at the Green Hut; the one about the kid who ripped his ball sac open on a telegraph pole.
    On reflection, perhaps better if you save it for the bar afterwards.
  5. Yep very good appointment for a top individual

    I think this will give him an even more of a legitimate reason for never putting his hand in his pocket to buy a beer............. :)
  6. What the fuck's going on with this forum? This is the Intelligence Corps, why has no-one been on here yet slagging him off..............
  7. Never heard of him so he must be a t**t!! :)

    On a serious note I would like to say a huge thank you to the OUTgoing CRSM. Although I am not a member of the Int Corps he has supported me and my family during the last 14 months when our whole world went wrong.

    Sir, Thank you and all the best in whatever you do next.
  8. 'Coz eez a fecking quality bloke who fecking cares about eez fecking troops! Excellent decison by D (Des).

    I might actually offer him use of my arrse login and avatar?!?
  9. Jeez, humour's really wasted on you isn't it. Judging by your posts you could actually be him...................
  10. Congrats to JG and don't you dare cure the Tourette's. it's good to see someone do so well without changing along the way :)

    seconded, would also like to thank the outgoing RB for his help over the last couple of years. cracking bloke and you're welcome to marry my sister any time!
  11. I seem to recall alleged instances when said JG misused certain laundry facilities to rattle the bones of a blonde lady of his aquaintance. Ah the good old days at Ashford in the portacabin outside block 6. He's done alright for a transferee. Seem to recall he enjoyed smoking trawlermen and small boys at one time. Very aromatic tobaccos. Anyway I'm pleased to see JG get the job too, good luck to him.
  12. LMAO, This should show us what kind of a sense of humour the RESM Incumbetn, desig and MODS have!! Still crying!!
  13. What help? You're still a staffy, still fingers crossed for Feb eh!
  14. Have you any pride at all mate?
  15. he helped make sure i didn't go back to corporal ;)