What the F%k is one of them, the Corps should have a Corps Sergeant Major. This is logic c'mon think about it, you don't get The Sandhurst Company Academy Serjeant Major. Who's hair brained idea was this and lets get it changed back ASAP.
Indeed. Your grasp of English is so eloquent.

I have written to the Corps RSM asking him to change it back, but alas have not had an answer yet.
i've heard that to be a loggie RSM, you only had to be able to talk. lets be honest most of you cannot read or write and that is the real reason you joinen the RLC. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I agree with you Black Pearl,

But your spelling is just as bad as a loggie ssm's ration return!!! pte smiff laughed till i cried!!!

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