Corps recruitment in South Africa?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Mother, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Picked up an issue of FHM in Jo'berg airport a few weeks ago promoting the glorious 3rd Bn. Bit desperate don't you think? I thought we had far too many SA's in the Corps as it is! Certainly don't want them in the volunteers!
  2. I'll go along with that. Keep the 'spiders out!

    (Edit: All accusations of 'racism' will be dealt with in the Zimbabwean courts of Law. F you, Jack.)

  3. Maybe we should get some of Robbie's (Muggabe that is) pals over to boost our recruitment figures for the new Bn's. They'd fit right in!
  4. Well the latest hot int indicates that South African soldiers serving in foreign forces (like us!) are to no longer be allowed to serve in conflict zones..! Can anyone shed any light?
  5. There's currently a bill going through the SA Parliament, Senate, whatever it's called. I believe it is designed to deal with the number of South African citizens who end up working as mercenaries, but may have consequences for those with dual citizenship serving in the British Army. It won't specifically prevent South Africans from joining other Armies, but will probably prevent them from deploying to operational theatres, even in a peace keeping role if the rumours are correct. It isn't law yet, and HMG are making representations to them. All ACIOs have also been instructed to raise it with potential recruits from SA. NFDK.