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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by darkside-theonlyside, Feb 10, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get hold of a copy of our quick march - have been offered the Lincs Poacher but I'm sure back in the dim past we were told in basic that although similar this isn't our march, and internet searches for the Rose and Laurel is so far unsuccessful. Have tried ICA and the museum with no joy.

    Ta for any help
  2. Try the I Tunes store and do a search. It is there!

  3. INT-CORPS and you can't spell QUICK.
  4. Thanks, got that one - is that the full version - or is there a longer play, download only had 50 seconds

    thanks again
  5. It's 50s long. What more do you want?
  6. The correct quick march is "The Rose & Laurel".

    I can email you a copy if you PM me.
  7. well spotted on the spelling - wouldn't be a surprise to those that know me! But corrected now!
  8. PM me your civvy email and I'll send it to you.
  9. Here's a link to the 1980's alternative:


    On my D&D course (at Ashford, back in the good old Cold War days) someone started humming this while we were on the square. The whole squad joined in and we finished up with the appropriate marching style!

    Even the drill instructor was laughing while the CSM trg wing staff were all watching from the windows.

    Happy days!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: