Corps plan 2008 - Inst Tech future unsustainable

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. First off they have binned the Inst Tech/ ED merger. They didn't really know how they could achieve a supervisory route that was effective and long lasting. This does put Inst Tech on a dangerous ground as they are no longer on future trade review.

    its not cricket
  2. Strange, as a supervisor not in the main stream (i.e. TA), This ED/ Inst Tech merger complete sense. Why have reg techs sorting out out Cat 5 when a TA ED could do it with minimal training. I would also agree a 'super' ED/inst Tech could advise on many issues.
  3. I have the same concerns about the future of Elecs.

    Every question asked of R Sigs soldier wing, comes with a 'can't really be arrsed answer'.
  4. EDs could handle the copper. CS Engs the fibre.... and copper. In reality the the whole ins side can be done by techs. I have seen it done. Perhaps 81 cld hold a number of tradesmen who could surge jobs, drawn from all trades, for big jobs.

    Ins tech goes the way of the mech, and the Corps moves on.
  5. I personally think ED/Install Tech combined would have been a very successful trade, It would be rocky for the first couple of years with rostering and posts but hey ho, its not to be