Corps OSC 2008 wait-out, white-out, wash-out.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Barrack Room Lawyer, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else there this weekend? (I know some of your were :wink: ) The snow was a bit mental, looked like the retreat from Stalingrad with everyone wandering around in mini blizzard conditions.

    Nice to see the spirit of TA 100 looming large in the shape of a free Burger and brew, better than a kick in the b0llocks.

    Special mention to the Int Corp this year, you either:

    A. Remembered your winners chair


    B. Ditched your historical plastic one from last year and picked one up from B&Q on the way down.
  2. Although in the true spirit of TA100, this is the nfirst I heard about it. Hey-ho.

    Anyone else of the opinion 32 Sigs are admin mongs who should forget about volunteering to run the OSC and just volunteer as falling plates instead?

    Apart from the half-day wait to do the Association shoot, a good time was has by all, and we brought back just enough silverware for the colonel to take us seriously :)
  3. This was the first time i've done corpsosc and i really enjoyed it, defo do it again next year it was a really good experiance

    just want to say well done to 40 Sigs who pretty much had a clean sweep of the awards, fair play to them :)
  4. Because most of their team are ex-reg Royal Irish I'm led to believe.....

    But well done anyway. :x
  5. Barrack Room Lawyer, it was good to have you in our team :D
  6. Dunno where those rumours came from. Im a member of 40 ulster sigs shooting team and can confirm that we had only 1 member of our team that is ex Royal Irish. There was 1 other ex royal Irish member who was shooting with us for individual honours.
    I won Best Individual Rifle and Best Young Soldier having only completed my recruits course in October 2007 and never having fired a round of any kind before then. The other young soldier on my team was on the the same recruit course too. We may have won all of the trophies but this was only by fair means and very experienced, excellently organised coaching and hard work by every1!

    Anyway, the weekend was brilliant and i cant wait for the next competitions!!! Just hoping now yous won't be accusin us of playin foul.
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    aha so now everyone involved knows who you are :lol:
  8. I hope all the teams at this years TA CORPSOSC are ready for another good ass whipping!
    Me and my boys are back in town :twisted:
    40 Sigs XL
  9. The weathers looking alright for this year: Michael Fish

    No snowball fights this year!

    I dont even know who Im shooting for this year, will probably enter as a individual, good luck in whipping some arrses you pervy scaley! :D
  10. Bring it on!

    And no winging about 32's admin this year, I don't see anyone else volunteering to run the show....

    And if any of you are old enough to remember how it used to run before 32 decided to run thing then you would not be winging.

    Prize giving at 2200hrs on the Sunday night? Fancy going back to that? Didn't think so.....
  11. The armourer has never had rifles that clean since!

    I dont know if any units attending have squared away a bar this year (there is usually a £1 a can set up in the old gym next to the armoury) apart from that there is a pub of sorts down the road in Brookwood or on the other side of the road Brookwood social club. If anyone is up for a couple of beers thursday or friday night me and a few lads will be out.
  12. Unfortunately we won't arrive till nearer 2330ish but thanks for the offer. We will most definitely be venturing out on the sat evening though, unless we're collared to go to (and pay for) a Ghurka curry that no-one wanted to go to.....
  13. OMG Is there anyone on this forum not in the signals?
  14. I think you're being watched devilish!!!!
  15. An internet stalker no less!