Corps Open Day

Discussion in 'REME' started by Nobby_REME, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. How many are heading to Arborfield on the 4th July for a drinking session?
    Intend to be there for 12.00 through to 18.00, just might try to consume my body weight in ale :oops:

  2. Yep, should be good!
  3. im currently joinin the corps so im gonna try and get down for a mosey
  4. Danny Mo

    Bring your wallet mate, be a few of us pensioners about to bore you with our tales of life in the Corps :D

  5. do you suggest a trip down if we are looking to join reme? bit of an insight? or is it just a big piss up?
  6. Definatley a big piss up

  7. Sorry, joining REME, or just the open day?

  8. The buggers have arranged a range package that weekend, it should be illegal to work the Corps weekend. :)
  9. I thought it was illegal to work any weekend.Certainly is in this house unless the pay is seriously enhanced.Weekends are for drinking and eating . :wink:

    Edited for carp spolinig.
  10. whole battalion is going, we got coaches laid on.
  11. It will be a great weekend, helicopters, hotdogs and ice creams, personally I would rather stick my head in a vat of boiling piss. I'm just miserable though. Enjoy.
  12. Taff

    There is the beer tent & the chance to bump into old comrades, that is the only reason I am attending. I saw enough ancient vehicles both Armoured & wheeled during my time, so it will be straight to the action for me :D

  13. Never been. Where is it? Arborfield I assume?
  14. PrinceAlbert, Yes - at Arborfield, gates open at 11am, events start at 12 and beer tent will be open - does it ever shut?
  15. Beer tent was open all day last year - hic :oops: