Corps officer running London marathon in Afghan.

A British para and commando-trained soldier is planning to take part in Sunday's London Marathon - but at his military base in Afghanistan.

Maj Al Jarvis, 33, of the Royal Engineers, arrived in Helmand last month for a six-month tour with 23 Eingineer Regiment.

Maj Jarvis, of Farnborough, Hampshire, will run circuits around the tiny base in Lashkar Gah in 30C heat.

He is raising money for the Army Benelovent Fund.

It is expected to take him five to six hours to complete 38 laps of the base wearing his Osprey body armour, weighing about 12kg.

No amount of money can bring back a daddy, husband, daughter or a limb
Maj Al Jarvis

Troops will be on hand with collecting tins and to keep up Maj Jarvis's morale.

"The London marathon is a feature in the calendar and just because I'm deployed in Afghanistan I don't believe that should stop me taking part - in my own way," said Maj Jarvis, who is part of the UK's 16 Air Assault Brigade, which took command of the British Task Force in Helmand this week.

"It will be tough keeping motivated and focussed doing so many laps of the same circuit, but I'm up for the challenge.

"All of us out here are doing a job we have chosen to do and we accept the consequences. We have trained hard and are prepared for the worst as were others in past conflicts.

"No amount of money can bring back a daddy, husband, daughter or a limb, but the Army Benevolent Fund helps to give some financial stability to families in times of distress.

"I just hope I will be able to finish, as the most laps I have done so far - in my sports kit - is five... only one way to find out," he added.

Good luck Sir 8)
he was a young troopy whilst i was at 51 airmobile during the late 90's.

decent bloke.

good luck.
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