Corps of drums within the TA

Are there any left? I think 150 transport reg RLC has one as do the HAC any others?
103 Regt RA have Pipes and Drums.

Last I heard 3 RAng have, but it's creeping towards providing a front rank for the band. Would be delighted to hear that things are better than that.

Why the question BRL, want to sign on ?.
7th Rifles

Waterloo band and Bugles

London Regt

A Coy ( Lnd Scottish ) = Pipes and drums
C Coy ( Fusiliers ) = Corps of drums
D Coy ( Lnd Irish ) = Pipes and drums
4th Battalion (v) The Mercian Regiment

Band of the Mercian Regiment
Welsh Transport Regiment and 3 Royal Welsh have both got Corps of Drums

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