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Discussion in 'REME' started by daleRoch, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. it is true that the Corps motto will now mean "work hard and work late".
  2. not forgetting "and do weekend duties"
  3. You are both well off the mark....I can categorically state here now for all to read that WEF 01 Jul "Arte et Marte" will officially mean "Lean and Rebalanced".....I have no doubt that all Corps members will be grateful that we at Arborfield are leading the way by initiating such important changesthat are, as I'm sure you'll all agree for the better.
  4. DeeMee(A)

    The jury may be out for while on your latest pearl of wisdom!
  5. Asuman, we really must stop meeting like this...people will start to talk!
    The jury doesnt need to be out my friend as this is not a democracy....I am judge and jury of all things electrical and mechanical....and thank god I am for it is only I that knows all :)
  6. So Arte et Marte doesnt mean 'Do More With Less' then?
  7. Battsimm "doing more with less" is natural progeression; this happens in ALL walks of life and is not necessarilly bad.
  8. Bugger me, I had doubts about your identity DeeMee(A), but now, well I'm convinced you really are the boss, sorry for being so weak and expecting more than 3 bods to fix a CS Sqn's worth of kit, I'll just get a grip of myself and crack the feck on then......
  9. Shouldn't it be "Work hard, work hard" drop the 'play' bit, cos even the adventure drinking is now 'training value' (spit vomit cough hurl) eh DeeMee. It's good to get the lads away though, out of there beds for a few nights, they do need the practice.
  10. Good man Battsim, you'll go far.....ever thought about a commision as we really could do with more of your type?
    Now stop surfing the net and get some bloody work done...cant believe you have all 3 bods there just for a CS Sqns worth of kit....I must have a look and get that rebalanced as you must be falling over each other to work on those few equipments.
  11. I always thought that our capbadge stood for 'work like a horse and drop a bollock at the end!'
  12. Nah, it was "Twist To Open" in my day.
  13. Don't worry lads, you'll soon be joining the RLC......
  14. Well that will give RLC average IQ a rise into double figures. Are we a generous Corps or what?
  15. Isn't it time the Corps leaned the Corps motto ? It is quite lengthy after all and there would be significant benefit to all of us.