Corps like it is. Would you take Redundo?

Corps like it is would you take redundancy if offered?

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With all of the will she/wont she stuff going on in other threads about Wednesdays brief. Such stuff could come up
REME to RLC (again)
ASM Posts among others being scrapped as part of a massive Op Entirety shake up
VEng Arrsebiscuits and the promotion problems we have caused lately (we're sorry)

If redundancies came up (who knows) in the next SDR would you take it?
Definatly yes, someone seems to have pushed the self destruct button and from what ive seen over the last few days the batt in our brigade seems to want to get control of all the light aid detatchments aswell, making it one big voretex. Where this will end up who knows, not for the good of the lads i know.
Thank god I retire in june is all I am going to say. Still debating about joining the old boys association as I dont fancy being the young whippersnapper again.

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