Corps Lighting Troop

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by scousemech, Dec 14, 2005.

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  1. I had the good fortune to serve alongside these guys in 5Sqn 7 Sigs when it was in Herford in 90-92 is Corps lighting troop still around or was it disbanded when 7 Sigs moved to Krefeld?
    I went on a watermanship course with some of these guys on the Wesser I think at 28 Amphib Hameln got well trollied and played some card game call uke or something like sounds like that good lads they were had a great laugh with them.
  2. Think the lighting is now only in the hands of the TA.
  3. corps lights is now power troop & work out of jhq.
  4. the card game is called Euchre, apparently the dictionary definition is "a simple card game played by soldiers" or so I'm told, never checked it cos i'm trusting like that!
  5. :D
    yep and you can quote that definition to any Sapper, if your stupid, and particularly between the hous of ten and ten thirty!
  6. Brill posting, great laugh (CLT 1987-89) Superb block piss-ups .....
  7. Whoever the OC of CLT was then,, was a cnut !!! He used to make my life a misery during my 14 days SUS when he was orderly ofr. Dunno if he copped any extras as he was always on every other day!!! The guys seemed alright though. Worked with them when I was in 4 Sqn on a few Ex Flying Fcukups.

    Regards LT.
  8. not bitter there fella, are you?
  9. Corps Lights became Power Troop RE, part of ARRC Sp Bn and moved to JHQ Rhiendahlen
    served 1995-2000
  10. Extras LT? :shock: Our OC Get Extras........ nah.... never ... :roll: Although being a 'top bloke' and of the old school he did stand up for his guys at every opportunity given and trust me we made loads of opportunities :lol::lol::lol:

    Think the fella you refer to was a rather short Capt with a french sounding name and more badges than a boy-scout (all EARNED thou) great bloke, could run like a proverbial whippet being chased by a pack of frustrated Chatham munters!

    He certainly went on to greater things in the Corp.
  11. Short Capt with a french sounding name. Thats the bloke. All comments were tounge in cheek. It was his job to be a cnut to anybody unfortunate enough to be in klink. Especially siggys like me !!! Mind you I was a bit of a sh1tbag back then & probally deserved it. Happy days at 7 though. One of my most enjoyable postings.

    Regards LT.
  12. Worked with them from 88 to 92 whilst at 1 (BR) Corps. Fanastic lads. They even sent a few of them to the HQ FMA\FFMA in the Gulf with us during Granby. Andy L**e is a name I remember. A little stocky full screw he was.
  13. Trying to get contact details for some of the lads I was in CLT with 1990-94.
    If any one knows any of the singlies from this time, especially Frank S****, Chris D******, Daz L****, could you message me. Cheers
  14. Anyone know J** S****y from Plymouth, he went Corps Lighting Troop and seemed to vanish from the face of the Corps?! PM me please anyone with any info...
  15. Same card game was always by the support troop guys whilst I was with 16 Fd Sqn / 25 Engr ER