Corps Grace

I've been jiffed with Mr Vice at our combined Garrison Mess in Brunei.
As i'm the only Signals guy in the mess i thought i would do the corps grace.
Does Anyone know what it is?????
The Corps collects goes as follows....

Almighty God, whose messengers go forth in every age giving light and understanding grant that we of the Royal Corps of Signals, who speed the word of man to man, may be swift and sure in sending the message of thy truth into all the world. May we serve thee faithfully and, with the help of thy Holy Spirit, make such success of our soldierly duties on this earth that we may be found worthy to receive the crown of life hereafter, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


I cannot find any genuine R Signals grace offhand, but you could do worse than try the Australian Signals grace which should at least be similar - at least their collect (which is quite seperate from a grace) is very similar.

'Lord, You are the giver and sustainer of life. Help us to communicate this reality as we share these gifts together, in friendship and service, through Jesus Christ, our Lord' Amen
This should help.

"The Royal Corps of Signals is ace, and the RSM is a cnut, enjoy your scoff dudes"
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