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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by boney_m, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Hi All,

    Recently i received a letter from the Corps RSM/Corps Accountant asking me to up my contribution to Corps funds (i've signed and returned these many times, not least on my Sgts course, but there you go). All Corps personnel are invited to contribute, on a voluntary basis, 100% of a days pay for JNCO/Signallers and 125% for SNCO/WO's, the extra 25 percent going to the Corps mess fund.

    I've done a little digging in the last few days, and read with interest the annual report in the Wire about where the money goes and how the fund makes its money (Interestingly, over 170k is grabbed back from Gordon Brown, sign the gift aid form if you do nothing else!!!).

    I was wondering how others in the Corps feel about this contribution. Did you feel pressured in training to sign up for it, without adaquate explanation of where the money goes? The fund has an annual income of close to a million quid, do you as the contributors feel you get value for money? Do you feel things such as the Wire and the Museum should be self funding?

    My personal view is that i dont notice the money disapearing that much, and the fund does a great deal for benevolence - so i'm happy to pay for it.

    What are your views and or rants :D

  2. All ready done boney .. Shame on you!

    Corps Fund

    and here too

    see you at the Corps dinner ?

    You get a discount if you contribute to the Corps Mess fund...
  3. Over a year ago and i looked into it before i posted the subject. I would like it to develop and see where people want the fund spent!!

    As for the Corps dinner, when paperwork about that extravaganza penetrates into the depths of the agencies, i'll maybe plan for it - Note for the Corps - Not everyone is in a Regiment or an Independent Sqn :roll:

  4. When I joined up many moons ago you were given a form and told 'sign, or face a fate worse than death'......... now with a few years wisdom behind me and a bit more knowlege I think that the Corps Fund is not a bad idea, as in later life you can apply to your former corps and request assistance in your advanced years for help with things like a wheelchair, which goes to committee and if they think your not a flanneling basket, grant you the cash to get one. Happy with that principle no worries, nice to think that there is some payback for your time served if your in need.

    On the other hand can't say I'm too pleased to pay into a Corps Mess fund that very few of us will see the benefit of, just to pay for yet another lump of silver that gets an occasional airing but for the rest of the year sits in a store room or a leather sofa thats more uncomfortable than christ on a cross, or place mats ...... to what end? Possibly to end up in the Corps Museum in a few decades time when the unit gets the boot......... not very inspiring and frankly a bit of a con job......... Yes I pay into it, but after reading the said Wire article am off to the Pay Office to cancel it.

    Nuff said
  5. OK I'm a member of the Sgts Mess - but bear with me if you're not there yet. My mess had a nice little donation from the Corps fund about a year or two back to give us a bunch of those Chesterfield sofa things which are actually pretty snazzy. OK, I know they're not as comfy as bean bags (cue lava lamp acid trip) but you bet your bottom dollar they'll last a helluva long time.

    I went to the Corps Sgts Mess Dinner two years ago and that was a good little number. I'm prepared to take Disco's word that I got a discount cos I pay into the fund, but I can't say I noticed. All the same it was a good craic like.

    I've been on a few adventure training expeds now and most have managed to get a few bob from the Corps to offset the cost. Certainly worth the payment I'd made. OK, so not everyone gets on adventure training - but I think that's a classic example of "the squeaky wheel gets the oil" i.e. if you don't ask you don't get.

    All in all, I consider it worthwhile. Although I'd still like them to spend a fiver on petrol to burn down all the transit block portacabins at Blandford. They're a total disgrace - think of what outsiders make of it when they turn up at the home of the Royal Signals and have to rough it in a damp 4-man portacabin with a handful of showers that wouldn't be out of place at Glastonbury. Disgusting.
  6. I paid into the Corps Fund from the first opportunity - kind of got press-ganged whilst at Harrogate.

    Years later whilst serving as a WO2 I got a letter from the Paymaster (OK - RAO) who was recently commissioned and obviously out to make a name for himself. He stated that he'd trawled through the unit records and discovered that a slack handful of us didn't contribute to the fund and could we write back to him stating our reasons why. I noted that the CO was cc'd.

    So I wrote back (cc'ing the CO, of course) and requested that the SIB were called in because I could produce all of my pay statements with entries where one days pay had been docked each year for Regimental Subscriptions, so where was it going? I got a bit of perverse satisfaction as he squirmed with embarrassment in front of the CO trying to explain that he'd put in the wrong search criteria into PAMPAS or UNICOM (or whatever) and got the list of people who hadn't written off the tax relief - no-one had ever asked me.

    He did try to have a pop at me later for making a fool of him in front of the old man - but couldn't say what I did wrong. Don't you love it when a backstabbing attempt goes pear shaped?

    Back to the main topic, I agree with the Corps Fund. I played a fair bit of sport and partook in adventurious training over the years and the Corps Fund were very generous with their assistance. I hope that I never have to use the fund in the future now that I'm out, but it provides for ex members of the Corps and their families who find themselves in difficult circumstances. They are after all part of our family.

    I'm not sure about the extra 25% for the Corps Mess though. No, dammit, I am sure - I wouldn't pay it, it's only for a few to indulge themselves (RSM's conventions spring to mind).

    Unless someone can convince me otherwise.
  7. As PD stated, his mess was granted money to improve their furniture. Money is granted to offset the cost of functions such as the Corps Sgts Mess Dinner, the Association weekend etc.

    Does anyone know if there is any correlation between the amount received in gift aid and the amount spent on benevolence? Its my belief that this money is claimed back because the fund is a charatible organisation. Therefore, all money claimed back should go straight to the needy.

  8. [quote="boney_mAs PD stated, his mess was granted money to improve their furniture. Money is granted to offset the cost of functions such as the Corps Sgts Mess Dinner, the Association weekend etc.[/quote]

    OK then, but what if you can't make the Corps Dinner due to ex/ops or maybe you can't get in, the mess can't take the whole Corps' WO & SNCOs. What if your mess doesn't need furniture etc. It's a bit like a levy night scenario then isn't it? Everyone paying for only a few to benefit.

    Still not convinced.
  9. Definately not convinced. Having visited the home of our Corps on several occassions I have left each time with a bitter taste in my mouth. Having had to sleep in portacabins with beds missing springs and held up with MFO boxes, piss stained matteress and rooms reeking of stale vomit, and then queue for meals in the mess at the 'non-permanent staff' hot plate like a twaat, then sitting in a segeragated eating area while the permanent staff members gawp at you like you've got 'knobber' tattooed on your forehead...frankly I'd rather stick hot pins in my eyes than pay into the Silver fund or fund the Corps dinner for sycophantic arrselicking, self appreciating *********. Blandford Mess? an inhospitable shite hole.
  10. But your missing the point, The extra 25% towards the Corps Mess fund like PD and Boney said is there for the benefit for ALL Corps Messes. To put across that Blandford gets all the money is simply untrue otherwise it would be a standard (not sub standard) Mess.

    The SNCO bit is a SNCO thing (no real dilemma whether to support it or not) but the Corps Fund is different becuase of what support it gives to the Corps as a family. My wife like others complains when I lose days pay but she does not see the big picture. Like I have said in other threads we have had a fair chunk of the Iraq casualty list and the Corps (and the fund) is there for them and their families thanks to the support given by serving members, then there are others less fortunate who have made a poor transition into civilian life again the Corps helps.

    It is a simple choice, pay or dont pay! Up to you!

    But spouting off about how bad you had it while on a course, well join the rest of the Corps weve all been there and ranting about sycophants and arrselickers!! whats up did you get told to change out of your chav kit before dinner?

  11. Disco,
    It has never been as simple as pay up or don't pay. I'm not going into details but I have had a running battle over the years with Corp's funds. I decided to cancel, funnily enough the money kept coming out. Then letters kept arriving from some shiny arrse at Blandford but to my RSM not me. The tone of the letters varied from straightforward, "we do not have you as a paying member etc" to "RSM, please educate this man on the errors of his way"

    I'd like to know what the legality of the whole subscriptions bollox is. Any solicitors looking in?
  12. Geordie I agree, I was refering about the choice you have. Putting it into practise however is a different ball game. Some units are more aggressive than others on the whole Corps fund issue. It really can put you into the "duties" firing line at times but the bottom line is it is your choice to pay or not and your decision should be respected.
  13. I got a snot agram saying i believe that i wrote to u last month about contributing. blah blah blah...and the corps RSM wants a written reply from myself stating why i dont wont to contribute. Its quite simple i dont want to, i subscribe the days pay a year so i do my bit, and i certainly wont be pressured into paying more by a badly written snottagram.........sorry sir! Anyway what ranks did this letter go out to? none of the WO2 and above got one at my place it just seemed to be the SSGt and below.
  14. Not really fair to percieve that the Corps Mess Fund is for the benefit of the Mess at Blandford. Although I have to agree the state of the place is frankly embarrassing.

    Very much a supporter of the Corps Fund ( days pay ) for the good and benefit of serving and former serving members of the Corps. Its a good idea and may well benefit many of us in years to come.

    Not a supporter of the Corps Mess Fund. Personally my opinion is that it is a rip off. Members of messes pay regular contributions to respective unit messes and are then expected to fork out every year for other messes benefits.....!?!? When you consider that the money is spent on vastly expensive lumps of silver (we're talking 1000s of pounds here) that many of us will never see or plates with unit crests on (priced in the 100s of pounds) in units we are unlikely to serve in..........and no matter how 'practical' and long living (not in the mess I'm in - they're not that old and falling apart!) the chesterfields(and they ain't cheap either!) are they're still sheeite....... lets really think about the benefits of that..... erm...... well I can't.

    If indeed it is also there to offset the cost of a Corps Dinner, well I couldn't see the benefit of it the last time I went........ still got a hefty bill......wonder if its the same case this year, we shall see........... and in the 7 years of being a SNCO this is only the second time I have had the 'honour' of attending due to operational and exercise commitments...... not much of a Corps benefit