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Seriously?? That is a lot of money! I was just wondering what it is spent on, as it comes out my pay, but dont see or hear much about it. Is there a link on Army net or anywhere else?
It depends which fund. I contributed last year to one to build a Corps memorial at the National Arboretum, it was, if I recall rightly maintained by the RSA.

There are also other funds for things like welfare, adventurous taining funding etc, which are maintained by RHQ RSigs.
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Hello all, Can anyone let me know what the Corps Fund is used for please? Thanks.
Not a lot at present considering there is about £8 million in there.
Why can't I get any for my footie tour then? :wink:
Read here for details..

Royal Signals Corps Fund

The account is published annually in the Wire magazine so look through some back issues.

How long have you been in the Corps, this should of been explained to you. Have you gone on any adventure training? Used new sports kit? seen a new camp welfare faciltiy built? Chances are if you did it was subsidised by the fund.

Thanks for the Link, just had a quick look. To be honest, bit curious why there is so much money in the pot if it is spent on what the website states. I am not saying that the fund should constantly be in the red every year, but I dont see the point in keeping that amount of money for a rainy day, especially when everyone is just about working flat out in various theatres. Maybe more could be spent on facilities and morale boosting events than is currently being done. I am not trying to open a can of worms here, just asking the question.
It is only fair that you ask, and so you should.

The Royal Signal Signals Fund works with the ABF and the British legion in providing all levels of support to ex and serving members of the Corps.

I have said it before in this forum but regardless of whether you donate the Corps will never forget you and your service.

Here is a pdf for 2006 showing the breakdown of the ABF as a whole. This will give you a good feel as to what good this money does.

ABF 2006 review
The 8 million in the fund isnt cash assets. There is a great deal invested (indeed the fund makes around 300 grand a year from its investments). I would imagine having that much capitol allows more to be given to the charities/museum/white helmets etc than is actually donated through subscriptions.

The mess funds are the bit over 100% of a days pay that disapears each year. Its mainly used to fund Corps dinners etc and make donations to other messes or messes with a few R Sigs soldiers in them to buy something with a Signals theme for the Mess. I cant believe any of it has ever been spent on the HQ Mess or maybe a small amount to fit the ACME stinks of the gents system into the portacabins.
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