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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Tech-Wizard, May 4, 2006.

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  1. Presumably you play football but not very well, therefore the Corps Manager/Coach didn't pick you and so you think he is a joker..??

    Or am I miles..........??
  2. never played corps, barely got in the REGT team. Just knew a load of lads at 7 who did play.

  3. So, your dislike of the 'Joker' is personal rather than his ability to run the Corps side...??

  4. Was just after info on who still plays thats all. Thought there might have been an overhaul of old players/coaching staff.

    And to answer your question, it is.
  5. Obviously his juggy ears whipped you in the corridor once?

    I shall hopefully be having a beer with the aforementioned Corps Footy manager on sat. Good fella, and was one half of the best forward line ever to grace HQ Sqn 21 Sigs hallowed turf (Wildenrath)
  6. On that note, 'Juggy ears" i'm presuming the managerial post has changed. I now know whos running the side, I think, (ex Under 21's manager).