Corps Done Good!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Ralf, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. Glad to see Spike got some recognition for all his work up north. Well done!
  2. Nice one, Spike. Another blast from the past. Wonder if he remembers almost shooting down a Phantom in 85?
  3. Spike was an inspiration to Toms arriving in Minden in the late eighties...

    He was a CPL pilot and made time to make sure all the new arrivals got jollies and always made time to help out. He came down to MT and Sigs to muck in during PRE and the like, and whenever the lads got negged out, he reminded them he was in there position and if he could becoem aircrew anyone could.

    A true gent, even if his BATCO was appaling :D

    I have a picture of him in BATUS somewhere, he had gone on the lash in town with a baseball cap with a Gazelle embroidered on the front with the words 'The names spike and I drive' bet he wouldn't want reminding of that now.

    Nice one Spike
  4. cb,

    Was this during the Anti Aircraft LMG/GPMG shoot down in the Falklands?



    Memories of Spike.
    Apart from the modern-ish day FAC ones! :salut:
    Detmold early 80's, Sinclair ZX Spectrum game 'Codename: MAT' and yellow handbags.:crash:
    Getting so blotto'd in the FI he swamped his own mattress and also Erics in the bunk below!! :headbang:
    The portakabin party where Spike slid down the front of a locker and impaled himself on a bedpost! :omfg:

    Well done Spike.
    :boogie: :worship: :clap:
  5. Sid, Spike was a local aircrewman in FI, when someone took him up to do a GPMG shoot out of the back of a Scout. Spike was letting rip when a Phantom passed between the muzzle and the target.

    Not that either target was in any great danger.
  6. Sid, was there an Airtrooper called Mark 'Scouse' Gri**iths in FI at the time? Remember him showing me some pics taken around Xmas day in FI and me thinking how desolate the place was for Christmas.

    PS: LMG was my personal weapon in Berlin. Can spot that dreaded metal mag box next to the first fire team above! When all mags were charged the whole set up was the weight of my ex-wifes arse.
  7. Gunny,

    669 main were on the flight to ascension on January 25, (T-Ns famous Burns Flnight) until 4th June '85 (First 747 out of MPA)
    Sorry I don't recognise the name in this context and I'm sure there wasn't a spare trooper hanging around to lighten the duty driver stags! Must have been the lot before us.

  9. Congrats Spike! Well deserved!