Corps Dinner

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Roger_Ramjet, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. What's the date for the Corps Dinner this year? Is it in Blandford, and who do I ask for places? Stuck out in the wilderness and you don't hear fcuk all about these type of things.

  2. Have the pictures come out from last years Corps dinner yet?
  3. NO dates yet as far as i know, but its in Bruggen this year, should be October time.
  4. Yes.

    Roger PM sent.
  5. Why Bruggen man? That mess is sh1te!
  6. Cause its BFG and better than Blandfords' mess :?

    21st Nov it is, Rodger.

    I hopefully will be in attendance.
  7. It alternates between Blandford and Bruggen i believe.
  8. yes it is in Bruggen, was told it was over that same time in Nov as well, RSM there decided to do it late so people could get their duty frees for Christmas,

    Yes the photo's are out from last year, Just received them it this week
  9. Wow, it only took nearly a year. No wonder he's so highly rated as a photographer eh? (sarcasm off). The photo is terrible by the way, there are faces half-obliterated. What's the betting that it's the same guy this year? :(
  10. its being run at elmpt by 7 sig regt dates are 20-22 nov 08
  11. Cheers. Are they taking names yet?
  12. Your names not down, you´re not coming in.

    That´s why you weren´t told about it :D
  13. As long as I don't sit anywhere near you. I've heard your pits are honking! And don't get me started on your breath!
  14. My pits are like a breath of fresh air in comparison to my bum :D
  15. Yes, agreed PD.

    Just seen it last night and the shadows are terrible blocking other peoples faces. Too MUCH light last year :?