Corps Dinner

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Sam_Fisher, Sep 11, 2003.

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  1. Has anyone got any news, (concrete) about the details for this years function, as it seems to be a bit vague as to where its going on, cost etc etc. Cheers
  2. Update:

    AAC Corps Dinner Night 2003

    McDonalds, Andover Town Centre (Bus leaves MW at 1800hrs).

    Mr Vice: Ronald McDonald

    Sat 18 Oct 2003.

    Full Mess Dress, including medals.

    Time 1900hrs, sitting at 2000hrs.


    Starters: McDonalds Chicken Salad

    Main: Big Mac Meal, Quarter Pounder Meal or a Happy Meal (make it large for 30p extra).

    Dessert: McDonalds Ice cream Twister

    The AAC band will not be playing (thank fook). Wibble
  3. Sounds like a good night.....count me in!
  4. Better than last year then......glad I'm going
  5. Why not get the incoming Corps RSM and the outgoing in a room and gas them.

    Thow them in a stir fry and scoff them........

    Either that or strip them of thier rank and pummel them in public
  6. I take it you don't like them then Mighty? Does the outgoing one have Mac somewhere in his name? If so, I did my B1 groundie and drivers cse with him. Thought he was okay. Bit straight faced (humourless), but he seemed okay. Who is the new one?
  7. No mate outgoing is GL you will recall him from 9 Regt
  8. Geordie L**g ??
  9. Second name same as an an old machine gun, not Bren or Maxim :D
  10. Heard a rumour it might cost £40 per head, due to the external food company and bar 8O . Unless anybody knows any different :?:
  11. £40 my arrse, I am not paying that, even if it is my last do......
  12. Qman, everybody else will chip in for your ticket, they will be made up its your last do :D
  13. Thanks for that MDN, pity you wont be there, fancy coming to my leaving do next March :twisted:
  14. Does a horse piss where it pleases :D
  15. I hear there is now no charge, otherwise it would of been only the guest of honour who turned up. (and gloom) :lol: