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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Roger_Ramjet, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. I'm at Blandford just now and went to the Corps dinner a while back. I have had the cost of the photograph automatically added to my mess bill. Are they allowed to do that? Or is it just a case of being bullied again and made to look like a moaning knob if you dont comply? Normally I wouldn't mind, but there was 300 people there. Who can honestly say that they want a photo that contains 299 other blokes in it?

    What would happen to me if I refused to pay it and held the amount back when I pay my monthly mess bill?


    We haven't even seen the photos yet. We are paying for something we haven't even seen. Surely this cant be right.
  2. Tell em to fookoff, i wouldnt pay fook for anything i hadnt seen, although you may look back in later life wishing you had bought said photo for sentimental reasons.

    I dont know what you should do.

    Hope this helps!
  3. i had the same prob many moons ago..just stick to your guns and say you dont like regimental photos....and you cant be made to have it..
    as long as you werent there when it was voted in your on a winner..
    you wont be flav of the month but hay ,, thats life..f... um..
  4. Whats the score with that? I certainly wasn't at a mess meeting when that was voted in, but I didn't think that mattered. Who actually votes against anything anyway? (Different topic all together)
  5. if you wernt there when a photo was mentioned you can argue against it..
  6. i always voted agaist things,,summer balls,, xmas draws ect.. i hated them..
  7. Every Corps Dinner photo is automatically added to your mess bill. (If you attended).

    Speak to your badge to opt out.
  8. Cheers heid. What do you think about the World Cup draw? Lookin forward to Amsterdam!!!
  9. The location yeah :D and the way both teams are playing at the mo I fancy our chances.

    Although, I won't be bustin my arrse to fly back from Cyprus for it :wink:
  10. Mate, I can see where you're coming from here but you did go to the Corps dinner which would indicate you have some sort of pride in the Corps and can identify with it. If that's the case, why are you having an issue with a photo? You were in the Corps mess amongst like minded individuals and I would suggest the cost of a photo is probably nothing compared to the overall cost of the night?

    At the end of the day I would say you are within your rights to refuse were wanted to be there....and you may want to look at that photo in a few years time? At the end of the day it's your call of course.
  12. That's a very good point. A couple of years ago the photo was absolutely terrible and the whole load were scrapped and everyone was reimbursed. I was having a chat with someone ref the photo and we agreed that it's an awful lot of cash for a few hours work, which is fair play I suppose. However, if you are paying for an item - which must incur VAT etc - then if you are unhappy with the quality you must be entitled to a refund under normal law. If this photographer is running as a pukka business then legalities still apply.
  13. I just know this years will be a huge c@ck up. Half the third row didn't even get to put their name down on the list so no doubt it'll be all wrong.

    Ho Hum!

    Anyone in Blandford know when they will be ready to send out?