Corps Dinner Night

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 11D, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    1. Anyone know when the Corps Dinner Night is scheduled for this year?

    2. Is the date coinciding with the A v N Ruggers so German units have a chance to attend both events??

    3. Are we still having it at the Savoy?

    4. Are tickets on sale yet?

    5. Are the TA coming again?

    6. No futher questions...........
  2. I do love these 'one' army messages we get on here.

    Whats wrong with them? worried they may start talking about comms and get to technical on you (well the few with technical degree/backgrounds)?

    incoming :twisted:
  3. Seemed to me like a polite enquiry. You want to spend a little less time being touchy, and a little more time on shaping your beret.
  4. 3 mins to reply your slipping :lol:
  5. Actually 2 mins and 2 secs.
  6. Obviously have taken a negative view to the post but surely you can remember the original 'Why are the TA attending the function' threads from a while back.
  7. Subsidising?
  8. Not sure, I think it was mentioned but TA Officers pay corps funds aswell (not sure how much)
  9. NWST the Corps dinner, I am looking forwards to the Army v Navy very much. Last year got arrseholed, missed my last train, lost both my contact lenses, and ran into a lot of old mates. Top day.
  10. Being one of the afforementioned TA, i have never heard of the Corps diner. Purely officers? or are us squibs welcome. And when is the AN Rugby match? I wanted to go last year but couldn't

    Cheers xox ;o)
  11. The Savouy one is for officers only, from what I remember.

    I believe the SNCO moves location, last year it was in Elmpt, with a certain number allowed to attend (including TA but your more likely to hear about it in HQ Sqn locations)
  12. The army navy match is always held on the first saturday in May. No reason to see that it may be different in 06
  13. ta xox ;o)
  14. Army Vs Navy is on 6 May 06.
  15. Oh, and ruperts only at the Corps dinner - unless you fancy waiting on?