Corps Dinner - 9th May

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by COS1SigBde, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Looking forward to meeting up with a few chums in the Coal Hole.

    Do we still get a speech afterwards as I haven't been for ages?
  2. Looks like I'm in for a quiet night. Am I the only one making the effort to get over there?
  3. Maybe everyone else is in the Stan?

    Still, you'll be able to mix it with the proles at the Rugby??
  4. Stop calling Afghanistan - 'the Stan' FFS. It's fekking annoying, stop trying to make it sound like the 'Nam. If you can type 7 letters I am sure you can type 10.
  5. Get bent you geographically challenged Jock. I was being ironic. Maybe you've heard of it.
  6. I hope the "Coal Hole" isn't your pet name for your büm; I shall be at said dinner and I don't want to see any of that. (Unless you're a female officer in which case I'm very sorry and would be grateful if you flashed the old "Coal Hole" whenever you felt the need).
  7. The Coal Hole is a pub dear boy.

    Its where one get's a few glasses of Chablis before the sherry and nuts in the reception. I am not female, well, not since I last looked.
  8. Well I'll be there with a few pals from the East.
  9. Witchcraft,

    Enjoy yourself - you lucky b'tard.

    Sadly wont be able to join you as I will be at South Cerney on Ex Joint Venture - ah the joys of leaving a TA Bde!

    Pass on my regards to all that know me - I'm sure there will be plenty there.


  10. South Cerney? It's nearer to the Dinner than me. Make an effort man. Which Bde are you leaving?
  11. Why would you want to drink wine before dinner? Will you be wearing a polyester dinner suit with a clip-on tie?
  12. Because meths from an old coke bottle in your cardigan pocket will probably be frowned upon. Any road up, surely it's a dangerous practice to drink too much before sitting down for your tea. I'm sure Savoy carpets will be expensive to have cleaned.
  13. One would never wear a clip-on as it's a drink all round in the Mess otherwise, at least it used to be. In any case, it's part of the essential Officer training to be able to tie a proper bow.

    Chablis before repast? - got to be done I'm afraid. Not a gin man me. It will be nice to get back though and be able to get a decent pint of honest English ale. I hope the CH still has ale and isn't now a themed public house.
  14. I shall enjoy it and will pass on your regards, oh the hangers how nice!
  15. The dear boy left some months ago