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Corps Deaths 2020

Alan J was the RSM at Ashford when I went through the A1 and Drill and Duties1 courses in 1979. Suddenly finding that I had to stand straight and still, and not pick my nose on the Square when he took the first Big Parade was a bit of a shock, On finding that I was wearing non-issue Barrack Dress trousers (nicely tailored, and far more comfortable than those flammable nylon things), he spoke very quietly, but very, very scarily about a private meeting we would soon be having in his office.
On later courses he would usually be found in the back of my car, taking notes and speaking very quietly, but very, very scarily.

Paul Gibbons was a serial backsquadder at Ashford (no idea why) who later became a very distinguished senior corporate Manager with a major pharmaceutical organisation in Switzerland, and Phil Owen one of the best of low-temperature humourists in 7 Int Coy who could be surprisingly inventive on a night out (NFDA) Good people.
Pleased to say that is the WRONG Alan Jacobs - I am alive and well.

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