Corps Day

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. anyone going up to That Chicksands for it? i think the combined tug-of-war & facepainting stand is a stroke of genius :)
  2. Hope you didn't get too wet CR. It's pisshing it down here!
  3. I was there in the museum in FANY WWI uniform
  4. Did your FANY get wet in the rain?
  5. I stayed in the museum unti the rain stopped :)
  6. AH ha, I was wondering who the buggary that was!
    I spent the day being incredibly enthusiastic about the diverse opportunities afforded to those selected for language training.
    And getting wet.
    Cracking day once the weather sorted itself out though.
  7. So who won the tug of war this year? Please tell me it wasn't the north face wearers!
  8. I thought it a splendid day. (When I wasn't sitting in a tent watching the Noah's Flood style rain turn the road into a river!)

    We had fun mucking about with cas sim make-up, painting bruises onto children.

    It certainly helped that we were beside the Pimms tent!
  9. DSI 'A' beat 5(AC) in the final.
  10. Was gutted when they ran dry......
  11. Hey sorry I missed you, didn't get up to the Museum.
  12. well I was in the FANY tent in the afternoon - I thought maybe you had wimped out because of the weather :)
  13. he was busy fending off approaches from random strangers.

    poppy, i had a nice chat with the FANY outside the laserquest tent. was that you or a colleague?
  14. They spent long enough training and selecting a team. Someone's taking it far too seriously...
  15. does it take much training then? i thought you just pick the downhill end :)

    (at least that's what someone from 5(AC) told me after they lost lol)