Discussion in 'RLC' started by mooseknuckle, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. CORPS Day, good day out or just a day for the CO's to have a '' I've got a better train set than you'' contest? Your thoughts.
  2. Or a day for those going for commission to get pissed, make an arrse of themselves and fuck it all up?

    I annually enjoy the event and always look forward to the tent pegging and DRLC's blazer and hat.

    I Will be working a stand this year, I am sure you can guess which one so please feel free to pop by and say hello. I may even give you a pen..............
  3. Same old same old used to bore me sh!tless,at least with the introduction of the sports there is now something to watch.

  4. Womens tug o war. MMmmmmmmm
  5. Anyway. Dont all the sloppy stands get you moist?
  6. I liked the Pie N' Ears tug of war contest where both teams pushed! :lol:
  7. Hopefully it'll be a good day out, as I'll be there from tomorrow to set all our stuff up..
  8. The OC 79 Railway Squadron RLC has the one and only best full sized train set.
  9. Maybe in days gone by, but not today. Some shite union rules mean the railwaymen can't play on trains as a day job. The closest the OC came to having a train set is when he presented one to the mess as a leaving present.

    (And it's 79 Port Enabling Sqn these days)
  10. You forget to mention there's more VS than Rail in the Sqn as well...!!! :lol:
  11. He must have a hell of a sized attic to fit it all in! :?
  12. Steady, you're more 'Mover' than a Hornby enthusiast

  13. Don't start or I'll tell them your mains powered butt plug hasn't been PAT tested!!!

  14. I think CORPS day is a fantastic oppurtunity to get smashed, make an arrse of yourself and ruin any future chances of promotion!

    It worked for me last year..........
  15. Only last year, you've being trying to out do me on ruining your promotion chances up for years. You just can't get over that I did it better :D