Corps Day and the Harman Trophy

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by evilgenius, Jun 22, 2005.

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  1. Having spoke to various people in the office we are split on the issue of Corps day and the Harman Trophy. Some people say that they should be the same time as more people turn up for the harman than corps day, others say it they should be kept seperate. I am undecided (although i think corps day is pump and the harman rocks). Any other views? :?
  2. Seems a bit like bribary to get people to turn up to Corps Day.

    Personaly, I think they should be kept seperate as the Bns usually do their own thing for Corps Day.
  3. I think both days are good, its what you make of them i suppose
    you meet up with loads of old friends so neither can be bad for the corps
  4. I am with eye_spy on this one. All the units I have been to generally do their own things for Corps Day and the only people that show a massive interest in Chickers Corps Day are those stationed there and those new recruits fm the factory wanting to see old mates.

    Keep it the way it is.
  5. New recruits seeing old mates?
  6. I say horses for courses.

    Each event has its own character and plays to its own strengths and weaknesses.

    The sports and social at 11 pm is no place for the cucumber sandwich brigade like me. We're all in bed by 8 pm, after matron has been round with the Cocoa.

    I briefly served with Paul and later, served in his last unit. I can hazard a guess how he would like to be remembered.

    Please don't go changing.....
  7. Why is corps day pump?
  8. ok maybe pump is a bit harsh, corps day just ain't my scene, a bit to high brow me thinks. I prefer the harman as it is basically a weekend drinkathon with some footy thrown in for good measure. From the posts here i have come to the conclusion that having them seperate is probably a good idea, as sub-sonic says "The sports and social at 11 pm is no place for the cucumber sandwich brigade like me"
  9. Yeah, as in people just out of A3 trg in new unit wanting to go back and show off their shiny new stripes and give war stories to others in their / one below squad etc.
  10. My opinion (for what it's worth):

    the Corp day and harmon should be seperate, as this gives us all 2 events at which to met up with old mates.

    Last year's Corp day was ok, but the lack of people attending let it down. The reason people think that the Corps day is pump (in various degrees) is the lack of "low brow" :wink: attendance. if people gave the day the support it deserves and turned up en mass it would be more entertaining.

    ok, so all the bosses will be knocking around during the day, but who's gonna be ratfaced by 3pm?

    once they have gone to bed mit hot chocy, the blokes (and lasses) can relax and get squiffy in the the S&S or bugger of down town together.

    the day is what you make of it; low turn out = poo day
  11. The more excuses for a P!ss Up the better!

    I've only been to Corps Day once and it was 'pump' so I've never been back. Agree with Furry that it's what you make it but the 'organisers' aren't really in tune with the rest of the planet.

    You can get recruits to go and you can get the high brow to go but how would anyone get the rest of us to go.

    Any Suggestions?

    I'd turn the priory into a pole-dancing club with copious amounts of alcohol. Use your imagination, you're 1/2 way there!!
  12. If you dont like the way corps day is run, then offer to organise an event yourselves?

    I agree that the social at the Harman is better, but should it be that way? Maybe we need to make more of the corps day events.
  13. Isnt it already?

  14. Oooh - are you looking to get a good CR soon then ;)
  15. No-one likes me so they wouldn't turn up!

    (And I'm too busy, if you don't believe me, I can only access this when I'm in work so check out the times of my posts!)

    OK, OK, maybe I wouldn't be working so late if I spent less time mooching around the bl**dy Internet purposfully trying to get rises out of the dark siders!