Corps Day 2009

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Jul 13, 2009.

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  1. So, anyone doing anything exciting this weekend, then........?
  2. I'm rubbing linseed oil into the school cormorant....
  3. The US of A beckons...
  4. I have some grass to paint (cypress green of course) and some gravel to number off in height order
  5. I would love to attend Corps Day, but unfortunately family matters and illness have won the day so it is not possible.

    I think it is far more enjoyable for those of us who have left, and understandably so.

    Long may it continue!
  6. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. If you are not proud to be in the Corps then you should get out.
  7. To be fair HBY it was not always my favourite day of the year when I was serving, it always seemed to coincide with some nasty jiff jobs being handed out.

    I really enjoy it now, and genuinely hope the serving guys continue to put the effort in that they do. It is hugely appreciated by the guests!

    Maybe that message should get out clearer to the troops rather than deriding them for their jocular lack of enthusiasm!
  8. I will be attending so prepare the red carpet, the fanfare and 21 gun salute, and if it can be arranged, the dancing girls and a stripper in a cake. See you there.
  9. I have it on excellent authority that Black Chrysalis will be sponsonring this year's central event.

    There will be dancing boys, a stripper in a Profiterole gateuax and an official Brüno merchandise outlet offering some interesting rigger belt accessories and new Digicam DCU chaps. I could not help but notice one of the Army IAs browsing the catalogue, the Hareem pants are apparently going to form part of the proposed sealed pattern for the new Mess Kit for the POLTUHs
  10. I remember when "that sort of thing" was illegal, now it's allowed, I think I'll leave before it becomes compulsory. :wink:
  11. Might go see the new Harry Potter film.
  12. Its not only allowed, they are advertising it in Soldier magazine. Back in my day they would have been flogged with wet fish and told to recite ninety five hail mary's.

  13. amen to that. the glorious 126th had two weeks added to our basic training - setting up for the 50th anniversary corps day. it's never held the same magic for me since...

    i still have nightmares about 12x12s.

    and before you say it - no, it's not about them being too restrictive, you funny fuckers :)
  14. It's OK if you're giving. Mind you, I tell the youngsters that, squeeze their knee and tell them we have a very Spartan military ethos and they don't half look at me funny. (Not the girls though, that would be wrong)
  15. I trust you will be giving the rather hairy fly swat an outing on the day, should look good with the deserts