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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by SgtSlaughter, Mar 9, 2012.

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  1. Finally got the photograph from the Corps Convention, only took 5 months! Mind you the photographer didn't fill me with much confidence!

    Now I know I had my fair share of drink over the few days but I sure as hell don't remember getting the picture done in front of a nice big building. In my haze I'm sure it was a hanger so not too shabby a photoshop job!
  2. Always the same mate...

    Last do I went to I remember the picture being taken in Elmpt Gym... turned out we'd been stood in front of Edinburgh Castle ;s
  3. Corps conventions?? Is that like a comic book convention for signallers?
  4. Moneyfight!!!
  5. Can't wait to get mine, so it can join the other 5 in the garage......;-)
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  6. Has their ever been a convention where the photo was optional?
  7. Sound investment then?
  8. Convention? How ghey. Why not just be honest and call it a lash up.
  9. It is a lash up, which is attended by lots of gayers who will never take satisfaction in successfully completing an arduous course.
  10. Because it is where the SNCOs and WOs of the Royal Corps' get together to network, update on the Corps' standing/policies/direction, receive briefings on anything important... it is not at all a 30 odd hour drinking binge :D
  11. As I said, it's attended by gayers.
  12. It has a fair few arduous course attendees, and they generally get pested by high and tight, down and out RD types moaning about the length of their sideburns.
  13. So, come on then Badger Heed, what is an "arduous" course? I'm assuming you've never successfully completed one where a brain may be required?
  14. I love you Gumbo, please taste me.
  15. Been sniffing the barmaid's apron again, then? Perhaps you could call an adult to the forum to reply on your behalf.