Corps Commissioned Painting

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. For those that may not be aware, the Corps recently comissioned a painting by artist Stuart Brown of Skipper Press entitled 'Fixing Intel'** to mark the granting of the Freedom of Entry by Marlborough to 4 MI Battalion on the 23 Jun 11.

    Although the painting could be illustrating one of many MI capabilities that deploy to HERRICK, it is designed to show the typical activities of a Company Operational Intelligence Support Team (COIST) operator, one of the many successful initiatives the Corps delivers. It combines the idea of a foot patrol and shura by showing locals gathering for a meeting while in the foreground a village elder ‘volunteers’ information to an MI operator through a local interpreter. The MI operator is clearly identifiable as such by the 1 MI Brigade flash he has stuck on the back of his notepad.

    The painting has been completed, along with 250 limted edition prints signed by the artist. The prints are competively priced at £30 and are available from the Intelligence Corps museum.

    **For all you pedants, in January 2010 Maj Gen Flynn, the US Chief J2 in Afghanistan, published a document entitled ‘Fixing Intel – a blueprint for Afghanistan’...hence the spelling as Intel, not Int or Intelligence.
  2. A fantastic idea.

    Is it in the correct persepective and have something other than a black background?

    Any chance of having a preview on here?
  3. good idea but it if the Corps Commissioned it, surely we can title it correctly.
  4. This do? Any random questions on the painting I may be able to help with...

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  5. The original is on display in the 4MI Sgt's Mess and looks good.
  6. Good, no one noticed where I put my elbow through it.
  7. Good to see the original went to 4 MI Sgts mess and wasn't nicked by the Officers Mess at Chicksands or in Normandy Mess. Will it always be in the 4 MI Sgts Mess?
  8. Until the wooperts get their own mess allegedly.
  9. will go into the HQ when it is built c2012...cough...anyone go any water?
  10. Water! Makes a change to the old speckled hen.