Corps Colours

Discussion in 'RLC' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 7, 2008.

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  1. How do you go about get them, specially if you are not in a RLC unit ?

  2. Simple, don't be in the RLC, join a unit that actually has Colours
  3. Colours are awarded for 'Combat Arms' only.
  4. DTC,

    At the risk of raising a wah, are you talking about Corps Colours in the sporting sense?
  5. Just incase this isn't a wah...

    You haven't mentioned which sport you are 'obviously' good at because each sport will regard a presentation of Corps Colours differently. I do shooting, our criteria is to have represented your Corps at a number of events, contributing to the ethos of the team and generally get involved with your sport rather than just competing and buggering off. Doing one event or competition even at Corps level is probably not enough.

    If you are that good, your Corps Secretary or Captain for your sport should be looking after you, it may be a little presumptious to ask for your Colours but a gentle nudge and a wink at the right moment can always help!

    Hope this is of value.
  6. best hand mine back then!
  7. I do Taekwondo at Army Level, but unaware as to an RLC team, so far representing the Army twice, to which Ive earned Army Colours, but this is something that Ive gone for without involving RLC CoC as Im not at a RLC unit at present.