Corps Colours

Discussion in 'REME' started by No_Duff, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Back in the 80's I shot for the Corps (B Team) at Bisley. I was going through a pile of paperwork and found my 2066 and on one of the entries it says I was awarded my "Corps Colours" for shooting.

    What are the Corps Colours ? (please don't put Red, Blue & Yellow :wink: )
  2. An abstract concept... Does any sport still give out a physical "cap"?

    If you're lucky, there will be a tie or something. If not, it will be the happy knowledge of a job well done.
  3. Ring the Regimental Office first thing in the morning. You might find, sitting on a shelf somewhere, a Cravat of Jolly Well Done with your name on it.
  4. There's nothing abstract about Corps Colours; far from being merely a 'cap [or] tie' (or any other prize), they are in fact a matter of considerable honour. The OP should be proud.
  5. I have received Corps Colours twice and got a tie both times. It is a pretty standard looking Corps tie (dark blue with diagonal gold and scarlet thin stripes) but has a couple of small gold laurel wreaths on each line.

    I believe that Corps Rugby Union has just started to produce "caps" for Corps colours
  6. As a boy soldier in the mid 70's, I received my 'Football colours', which us footballers were allowed to sow onto the right breast of our tracksuit tie or anything snazzy....just a 3 inch x 2 inch cloth badge in the design of a red football on a white backing with 'Junior Rifleman's Company' curved on top of the ball and 'Football Colours' curved around the bottom of the ball, all topped of with a expense spared eh?

    It did, and still does, look cheap and nasty....Just like we were ha ha, but tbh, as a boy soldier,I was chuffed to feck to get it.

    Was never good or interested enough to get into any Bn teams for anything else! not sure if any other type of Colours were awarded in any of the RGJ Bns?....maybe there were some for Boxing, Cricket, etc?
  7. That was the score back in "my day"
  8. thanks for the info gentlemen and smudge.

    Right then sproggy first 4, mine 2433.

  9. Jeeesus,that's the same first 4 as mine,unfuckinbelieveable.