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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Selfpreservationsociety, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. anyone seen a g10 watch strap in corps colours? if so where and how does one get one?
  2. They used to sell them in the museum shop at Blandford, you sad, sad man :wink:

  3. but knee length corps socks ... kinky !!!
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. i remember an old rsm from 16 sigs (2002-2004 era) who used to wear one ! , it went lovely with the corps doglead! i do believe he was commisioned and was last known to be in the herford area issueing out ration cards. and yes he was a chopper!
  6. I know the fella of which you speak and will reserve judgement on him. But did you know that he also had the Corps march as a ringtone on his moby and also wanted to purchase a Regimental Goat?? I had much pleasure in standing outside Krefeld Lines in JHQ, saluting the flag on a monday morning as it was raised to strains of the Regimental Piper / Regimental Bugler. Didn't feel much of a prawn.....
  7. I remember a very sad RSM who had his office painted in corps colours
    very smart and soldier like!
  8. Some associations with regimental colours can indeed be sad. Myself, I printed my company logo lettering in red, black and green. It looks smart and for me those colours hold a special meaning.

    It's a fine line between a walt and being proud.
  9. Funny you should ask.

    I have been trying to get one for a while. I am on an All-Arms course and most other capbadges wear their corps/regimental G10 watchstraps with pride.

    I emailed the Museum Shop at Blandford and they said they don't stock watchstraps because they won't sell. I think there is a market!

    I have asked a company called 'Smart Turnout' to send me a sample of a Corps watchstrap. If I get it and it is any good I will post a picture of it on this thread.


  10. I wouldnt mind the goat!
  11. On a course in Blandford 2 weeks ago and they now sell them in the museum and i think there about 8 quid and they do mail order.
  12. 11D

    11D Old-Salt


    Just ordered mine! Cheers for the info chosen_man!

  13. Really, why bother?
    You've already got a jimmy on your beret, a fcukin corps belt around your waist.

    Now you want corps socks and watch straps.

    Do you normally wear a G10 watch in civvies?

    I'm sorry but this is just a bit too chavtastic.

    But then again this fits right in with the museum's marketing strategy, (fill the shelves with shite, some mug will always buy it) how about corps condoms in corps colours that whistle the corps tune when you shoot your baby jam?

    FFS fellas
  14. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Krazy_Ivan, do I detect a little bit of anger??

    Some of us wish to purchase watch straps, socks etc because we are proud to be a member of the COrps and are just showing a little bit of esprit de corps. What is wrong with that? If more people adopted the same attitude then perhaps we would read less of the boring, moaning an bitching threads that all too often pollute this board.

    Whilst I agree there is every danger of going OTT with purchasing these items, I think you'll find that the majority do not buy a shop load of stuff with a Jimmy on it.
  15. awesome corps coloured watch straps! wow wee i bet you cant wait to wear it! please wear it with pride so the rest of us can point at you and snigger and say "ah there goes that 11d chap from arrse" . i only hope that you are taking the p1ss! as i am here!