Corps Birthday

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Ford_Prefect, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. A Regimentally / centrally organised event

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  2. 5th Apr, I thought it was 7th of May and was held in the Cabbage patch

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  3. Knew about it - didnt care

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  4. Realised last minute - hurridly organised a piss up, any excuse eh!

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  5. The significance (or lack thereof) didnt register

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  1. What did you do to mark the only Corps anniversary we have?
  2. I didn't call it a "urine up" by the way!
  3. Surely the question should be; "What do you propose to do to recall the demise of the RAOC (or insert Corps of your choice) when the RCT took everyone else in the RLC over" as the anniversary is tomorrow (5th April) :twisted:

    P.S. Didn't vote cos I don't care- although I might be seen sporting an RAOC capbadge tomorrow in memorium :wink:
  4. When are you and your ilk finally out of the Army? I can't believe you cant let something so relatively trivial go after 12 years! I mean I'd be interested to know how long you had served in 1993 and how set in your ways you actually were.

    Oh and there was an option on the poll to say that you didn't care, I was just attempting to stimulate some debate that didn't rotate around ATs and embittered stackers!
  5. I take it you are not ex rag and oil then Ford?
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Well said that man.
  7. If you cut me I bleed blue, red and gold!

    ..................or is that blue and gold?

    That said, if my mate is to be believed the glory days of one one Ord sounded awesome (or was that Eleven Squadron ?!)
  8. The choice of topic for this thread was one of the most likely to set of the embittered stackers and AT's(some of them are the same bloke).

    If you and Melchers want to dig in on the moral high ground together then yah boo sucks to you!

    And as an addendum my opinion is that the corps is too large to ever have any real loyalty or family spirit. Has the heirarchy forgotten why we keep the regimental system. It is accepted now that the british bill oddie never fought for Queen and Country he fought for his platoon, company, battalion and at the most regiment. So the expectation that we should all fall in love with an organisation 17000 strong is a bit much.

    And anyway some of these old codgers were indoctrinated as teenagers and are impossible to change, even the use of these new fangled toothbrushes is too much for some.
  9. Its just not healthy to dwell, theres no mileage in it.
  10. Has anything changed from this 2001 (RLC Web Site is really up to date!) statement, that you have no association Branch's? NOT RCT/RASC Branches mind you but RLC Branches? Within the RAOC/RPC/ACC there is talk of convergence into the RLC Association, and this is looked on by some as a ready made branch structure.

    The RLC should not forget its 'Founding Corps' History. But it seems to me that it is not just the ex-RAOC faction that fly the flag! The Pioneers are more or less a separate Regiment. Catering is still more or less independent, which leaves the age old RCT v RAOC rivalry which I feel should be encouraged as an esprit-de-corps to such a degree that the old cap badges should still be worn under the 'Really Large Corps' umbrella, much in the same way as the AGC & AMS manages still to do.

    But then again the BORG assimilated us 12 years ago and Resistance is futile! Note the wording about 'Founding Corps' Association Branches above!!
  11. I agree that the founding Corps shouldn’t be ignored or forgotten but pride as in large multi Battalion Infantry Regiments should be focussed on the Regiments and then the Corps. There isn’t any mileage in the old forming Corps divisions as composite and golf bagged units are so common now.

    For the record I am a pure bred RLC Officer who has remained in the transport discipline and I have seen the old cap badge rivalry hinder the TA Regiments to a degree and has caused needless friction. This process is about to be re-enacted with one of the Independent TA Transport Regiments re-rolling to Supply which will be a massive shame.
  12. I agree with your comments to a point. The old corps divisions exsist mostly in the trade groups. I notice it most in the AT trade (of which I was not one)

    I was disappointed on my last visit to the Corps Museum that so little was about the forming corps, and the last 12 years are shown out of proportion. I am active in the RAOC Association where our charter allows membership from any of the founding corps in our Branch's around the country, but non RAOC members seem to be ex attached personnel rather than 'founding corps' as a whole. I am also a full member of the RLC Association as well by the way.

    Most ex-RAOC members I know view the 5th April as the death of the RAOC than the birth of the RLC.

    I view it as both....
  13. Ref Mike_2817 link on page 1:

    Corps weekend! I have too much dignity to attend such a shameless suckfest!
  14. Sadly, I have to admit that the whole event slipped under my radar and it sems the radar of everyone else in my working environment!

    However I must admit that Corps Loyalty is not on the top of my list, my allegiance rests soley and admirably with my trade!
  15. This message is intentionally blank