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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jonessixmillion, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. I'm an army cadet badged to the corps (family corps) and ive been tasked to think of names for the three sections in my detachment. Ideally they should be famous engineers or battles, but anything that people recognise the corps for such as the mulberry harbour and other would be suffice. Any help would be much appreciated

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  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    This may help:

    Royal Engineers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A few names that are well used around the Corps might be Kitchener and Gordon. Of our VC winners, Chard is one of the favourites (Rorke's Drift).

    Note that the Corps of Royal Engineers does not have Battle Honours as we are always present on the battlefield, hence the motto Ubique ("everywhere")
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  3. Gundulf, Renny-Tailyour and Stafford, representing the father of the Corps and the two goal-scorers in the 1875 FA Cup success.
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  4. What about the names that are associated with great bravery of the Corps of Sappers around D Day?
    Sword Beach.....Pegasus....Escaut...Overloon.
    All these are sites of great bravery and courage from my company in 1944. If nothing else, it would recall the names of the brave.
    Sapper Brian Guy
    246 Field Company
    Royal Engineers
    Eighth Brigade.
    Third British Infantry Division
    Monty's Ironsides.1944/5
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  5. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

  6. Why not A Wing, B Wing and C Wing - in recognition of the RE involvement in the design of Pentonville Prison?

    The Cadets could adopt a prisoner in their respective Wing.
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  7. Last yeir I coudn't ifan spel ingineer, now I are one!
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  8. Surely there's a few pubs that have been trashed?
  9. Titan, Trojan and Terrier?
  10. 82 Sqn in JL's used to have VC winners as troop names. Knox, Perie, Colvin etc

    54 had famous battles - Rhine, Salerno, Burma etc

    66 were shitcunts.
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  11. Charlottenburg, Wanchai, San Roque...
  12. You Chod!!

    66 were famous for winning everything.
    We just went down the adult, mature route of Troop names.

    How's about :

    Camoflet, Hayrick and Beehive.
    (and I was a POM!!)
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