Corps Band / Corps Balloon - Bookings?

Good Afternoon all

Has anyone on here booked either the Corps Band or the Balloon, and if so can you point me in the direction of who l need to speak too?

I've had a go at google etc, looked on the RE web pages and so on, but no joy.

Feel free to keep your witty comments to yourself, genuine answers please.

Many thanks for your time. PM me if need be.
Used to be run by Lt Col Bob Tonkins - now retired, bookings were through HQRE Chatham. Try their Chief Clerk
Thanks. Band Sorted!

Any ideas on the RE Flying machine? I will give 1RSME a buzz tommorow anyways.
We used a quintet from the RE TA in Nottingham for our 10th anniversary JLRRE do in Dover, and they were OK, but you really need to tell them EXACTLY what you want, the acrobat, wings etc etc, otherwise they just sit and watch you getting fat and pissed.
We went through Brompton initially, and we borrowed some drums for a drumhead service which all helped to make the occasion a bit more polished.
Thats the one Knocker! Ive got comms now so hopefully shes mine....mwuhahahah!!
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