Corps attached Infantry dress regulations? confused.

I was just curious to know this as it's been frying my brain..
I've noticed when say somebody who is AGC is permanently attatched to an infantry regiment they wear the headress of that particular regiment and their own capbadge. So where does this stop? do they also wear the stable belt of the infantry regiment or the one of their own? and so on with mess dress and No 2's etc?
if someone could clear this up for me because jeeves doesn't know jack!
No it is purely the headdress, stable belt etc stay the same as parent Unit i.e. AGC, REME etc. Afterall, it is just an attachment, not a transfer......
People attached to my battalion wear our beret and rank slide, everything else is their own corps stuff (stable belt,flashes, mess dress etc)
My old troop SSgt was attached to the A&SH years ago, he said on arrival to the unit he paraded in front of the RSM to be told you will wear ONE regimental accoutrement, and was given a kilt - needless to say with the kilt went every other bit of Jock uniform. That's how they got him anyway - although there is nothing smarter than a well shaped TOS in my opinion. These days its usually something like 3 Regimental accoutrements - most often TRF, Headdress and Rankslide.
In the case of AGC it's as follows:
From AGC Dress Regs


01.030 Personnel Serving with other Arms and Services. Individuals are not to wear any variations to standard dress when serving away from an AGC unit. A large number of AGC personnel serve with units of other Arms and Services, some of whom may invite attached officers and soldiers to wear or carry items of their Regimental embellishments (berets2 or equivalent headdress, regimental sticks, jumpers or unit arm badge etc 3). Only two such items may be worn or carried by AGC personnel. These must not include:
a. Cap Badge.
b. Collar Badges.
c. Buttons.
d. Branch Rank Slides.
e. Tactical Recognition Flashes (TRFs).4
f. Stable Belt.5
g. Lanyard.

2 SPS personnel - only when serving with Cavalry, Footguards, Infantry, SF, AAC, 16 AA Bde Units and Cdo Regts.
3 Prior authority must be sought from AGC Dress Committee. 4 Except DZ flashes for 16 AA Bde for which the ADC has given a waiver.
5 Unit Stable Belts may be authorised for wear in exceptional circumstances (e.g. to demonstrate tri-Service organisation). Authority should be sought from the AGC Dress Committee.

I assume the other Corps dress regs will have similar instructions in their respective dress regs.

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