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Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, May 11, 2010.

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  1. Morning everyone just trying to find out who is the current CASM, as everyone I've asked ain't sure?
  2. Just out of interest Jay, who have you asked? Tiffy? Q man? ASM?

    Am surprised and a little disappointed if none of those would know.
  3. Sparky,

    To be honest, i am a WO1 and i don't know, but i also haven't bothered to find out. Won't bother till i need to know either. Didn't know the last one either.

    No offense to the bloke but i would hazard a guess the vast majority don't know.

    I know this will open an arguement on Corp spirit etc and negligence on my part, but in the day to day it really isn't that important. Likewise TRF's, Bde flashes etc.........niff naff and triv

    I am neither here nor there on whether we need a CASM or CRSM, lived without one for a long time with no ill effects, can't comment on whether they are for good or not, i imagine whoever it is genuinely trys to do their best by us, but to be brutal the effects aren't seen or felt at the coal face............which is where it is important.

    But just my view, so no offence intended to the current CASM. I will now endeavour to find out who he is, i would hate to be remiss in my responsibilities and Corp Ethos.
  4. Oh, please make your mind up, or is your WO1-ship from the Artificer route!
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'm afraid that, for most of the Corps, this knowledge is only needed for such once-a year activities as major Inspections, or inter-Unit competitions!

    If you are trying to find this out for a bet, I'll let you know - for halfies on the prize :)
  6. Cheers for the help gyro, need to see if I can find a dii terminal :? Sparky I'm on my upgraders and have asked the tiffy currently instructing us, plt staff and some friends on tiffy courses and everyone seems a bit unsure if a hand over take over has happened? Might just wait till a huge badge comes up to me on my paab and ask "whats my job? "
  7. He won't, he'll know it already!
  8. I'm the Cops ASM!! (and so is my wife)

    except I'm not married.
  9. :p
    At least one person in the corps knows then :p
  10. Ok I will put you out of your misery it's.......WO1 ASM T ECHSPANKA :p
  11. Sadly we have all these things plastered over our walls, I'm endevouring to slip one in amongst the "What is an ECI?" and "What is ISO" notices everywhere entitled "What is a Clanger?"
  12. I'd wager it's a rather boring jobsworth who has asked him in the belief that knowing who the Corps ASM is will somehow make you a better tradesman.
  13. No mate. If he's on Upgraders then he's getting ready for PAAB so hopefully being a bit procative. Fair one.

    All I'll say Jay is that he's a top bloke, if you shake his hand then go right into the web of the hand as he has a shake like a Gorilla's!! (Sorry CASM!)
  14. I was going to post something sarcastic along the lines of "What are the odds that the new CASM is a rugby playing Technician?", but I had a look at VG's link and he is a rugby playing Technician, so I won't bother.
  15. Well I'll let him know you have reservations about him Spaz, after all you seem to have a facking opinion of everything, perhaps you should be the next one?
    Oh mighty internet oracle