CORPS ASM - Passage of Information?

I am hoping to encourage our Corps ASM to start using this forum to pass info up & down the COC.

If anyone out there is in contact with him, please suggest he looks at our ARRSE!
He's too busy trying to get commissioned to piss about on here. I've nothing against the Coprs ASM, either personnaly or as an appointment, but I do think it a joke when you appoint a guy to build bridges with the civvy engineering world, who isn't going to be there this time next year.

By definition he must be the best (sic) ASM in the corps, in which case he's almost guaranteed a commission and a fool if he doesn't apply for it. He should be appointed for two years and told he can have his commission at the end of the second year, in order to build some continuity into the appointment.

Corps ASM was all Tetlow's doing and I've just had an email saying he's resigned. Can we have the Corps RSM back now?
No No No No NO. You can't have the Corps RSM back. Why would anyone want the senior WO1 post in the Corps to be a non or failed tradesmen (and I'm not intending to knock the soldiers skills of the RD here).

And while I'm on the subject, why have bandsmen in a technical Corps that is cutting technical posts?
My thoughts exactly S W.
If you can't fix it or even directly help the soldier/trades person that is fixing it, then GET OUT of REME.
The C O of an eg. Armoured Regiment couldn't give a fat rats asre about you or your E S organisation if you can't help him, and his geezers knock fcuk out of the baddies at the other end of the barrel on his tanks.
I know this is a bit front line biased, however most of those trades persons at 2nd line have been or have had the chance to go and support a front line unit.
Not sure about R S.
At least a Corps ASM has been there as Cfn Smith, pissed wet through in some bare asred wood, somewhere in the world turning spanners.

treebeard, my sentiments exactly, if you cant fix it then why are you in REME as a tradesman, i have been in a job recently where i get SATT soldiers on detachment. about 50% are good, (not outstanding, just did as they were asked),i had VM's/Reccy Mechs. most were talked into the trade at the careers office. i joined REME cos i wanted to be a VM and had a passion for it. i had my last working day this friday, i am looking forward to my new life. i have a number of Artisan VM contacts in the wide world who say what the older school of us have to offer is greatly appreciated in civvy street. i am very disillusioned about REME now, once i was patriotic about being an A mech in the REME (no offence to other trades). Now, im glad to be out of it
Thecorp ASM is from the aircraft side of the corp, so he'll never have been a crafty freezing in the woods spannering. Tape every birthday and that.
Recently had a coversation with someone who swore blind he was offered the appointment of Corps ASM by REME MCM Div but turned it down.

Surely an appointment this senior should have involved a board to interview likely candidates to ensure the "right man for the job" was selected? Views?
Spanna_wanka Posted: on Sat Jul 24, 2004 6:20 pm wrote:

And while I'm on the subject, why have bandsmen in a technical Corps that is cutting technical posts?
As a minor point of interest. The REME Band are NOT REME Tradesman! They are attached personnel from the Corps of Army Music. Who happen to wear the REME Cap Badge while attached!

Formed in 1994, the Corps of Army Music is one of the youngest Army Corps, but it is one of the largest single employers of musicians in the world, over 1100 musicians in twenty nine bands of the Regular Army ranging in rank from Musician through to Lieutenant Colonel.
In reply to Spanna_wanka you are correct. A couple of months ago several high profile Asm's were interviewed back in the UK for the post of corps ASM. So anybody claiming to be offered the post is blowing their own trumpet! You would expect someone of the rank of ASM to have more integrity wouldn't you? I know this to be true as I know someone who was on it but was unsuccesfull!!! :?:
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