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Corps 50th Bash



Ok, Ok,

Form an orderly line,

I was warned against putting my head above the parapet but WTF!

What do you guys want out of the big bash next year to celebrate our 50th? Please feel free to PM me or just post ideas here. I will not be replying but I would like to hear what serving and ex AAC members are after.

At the birthday bash at Wallop, loads of tented areas in case the English weather carries on much the same, and what about Regiment/independent Sqn or Flt reunion type areas at individual tents? Good way to meet up with old mates. Oh, and cheap booze.
Sqn tents would be superb....

The least amount of blokes working possible, max attendance, serving and ex and a cracking lagerfest.

Indent for dancing lesbians, but I won't hold my breath
Huge beer tent with Sqn bars inside. The loudest rock band you can find. People ejected for being serious. Burger van type catering. Any of the survivors parties post Air Shows would be a good model to follow.
Believe it or not, I would like to see a really top-notch air display by vintage fixed wing and rotary craft. Nowadays you see the green darts and a fast mover and thats your lot. Anyone remember the year we did the massed approach, Concorde low pass, 18 Spitfires, the chipmunk instructors display team (Grey Owls ???). What a display year that was. Blue Anderson doing his thing in the whistling chicken leg. AAAAHHHH the memories.
Please forgive my ignorance chasps but when exactly is The Corps 50th? I know I should be fully cognisant having put in a mere 9 years so my apologies for my forgetting such an important date.


Please forgive my ignorance chasps but when exactly is The Corps 50th? I know I should be fully cognisant having put in a mere 9 years so my apologies for my forgetting such an important date.
September 01 2007
I think it would just be great to start early, drink late and meet up with some old mates, but everyone has to wear a name tag because my memory is shot to s**T
Sqn MT v Sigs wrestling in the gym (each player lubed up in OMD80).

Underslung load marshaling with nets of beer from one tent to the other.

353 relay racing around the BFT route (ORs v Officers).
Inter squadron blade running, can all aircraft involved in this had the trim tab on the end removed, it causes horrendous chaffing to the small of the back in a poot dismount :D

The MT could have a competition to see who's civvies still smell of avtur
Memories of Choppers night. Put up a large marquee on the Choppers site, have no lights and blocked toilets, invite ladies from the surrounding areas, put on 'The Best of the 70's & 80's' soundtrack and sell warm beer. Ensure the dance floor is sticky and make space in the car park for punch ups. Dress for the night would be dark coloured jumpers, dark blue jeans, white socks and patent leather shoes. Now that would be a fitting 50th birthday bash!
Compulsary Uckers competition.

The squadron tents coming off a massive central one.

Another corps/regiment doing the hard work so that we can have EVERYONE celebrating
Mr G

I suspect there may be many millions attending, and there will be many with old fogetfull brains such as mine.

Therefore may I suggest some kind of register, one that everyone can access to see who is in attendance. Perhaps the register could show where and when we servered. Wold enable me/you to look up and see if tom/dick/harry is about.

Not exactly sure how this could be done, but I am sure others will have some ideas ? ? ?
Badges, lots and lots of badges. The combination of beer and old age will induce severe brain-fade which can easily be overcome by strong visual cues (such as badges).

I want my badges.

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