Corporate hospitality BBQ venue - London area?

I've put this in Arrse social because it seems to be the place to find the right experts...

I've been asked to help locate a venue for a group of about 40+ Russian/'Stans who want to have a May holiday barbecue party in the London area.

Need to find a venue that has suitable ambience and maybe some corporate-day-out type of activities - maybe some sport facilities or interesting diversions.

Being Russian, they want to do their own barbecue-ing - ie get drunk, set fire to themselves, and get that authentic shashlik experience. Knowing how badly organised they are, however, it would be best if a hotel/restaurant/club was providing the barbecue equipment, catering back-up and booze.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a suitable venue in the London area?



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Check out Hardens Party Guide - its a trade bible for events.


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How about the Pryors Bank Cafe:

Click here to find out more

Forces connection and is a charity that raises dosh for our comrades* that are in need.

I quote from the website: "Set on the banks of the River Thames in the beautiful surroundings of Bishop's Park, Pryors Bank Café offers locally sourced homemade produce, breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon teas, and in the summer evening BBQ's.

The café is also the latest self-help initiative from the Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, a registered charity which supports and houses vulnerable and disabled ex-Servicemen and women. Through our unique apprenticeship training programme, the café is a self-sustaining project which benefits former homeless ex-Servicemen by getting them back into a working environment."

Job Jobbed.

*See what I did there.

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