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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by GSSigs, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. GSSigs

    GSSigs Clanker

    can any one give me details of the TASigs corporals course at Blandford.

    I am doin it in Feb and wouldnt mind a heads up.

    Cheers :D
  2. dizzy_blonde

    dizzy_blonde Old-Salt

    if its anything like the bombairder course it involves lots of running up big hills, nasty infantry exercises and plenty of ironing.

    have fun
  3. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Regs or TA ?

    Just done the TA one
  4. Steven

    Steven LE

    Obviously failed the "Reading for comprehension" phase of the course then.? :D

    "can any one give me details of the TASigs corporals course at Blandford."
  5. GSSigs

    GSSigs Clanker

    Nice one Polar,

    The TA one as mentioned. How was it?
  6. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Ahem , its been a long day :p

    My favourite subject at the mo seeing as I'm doing a presentation on it

    TA cpls course at Blandford is a 2 week course. 1st week mainly classroom , 2nd field

    Its no surprise that you will hit the ground running on this course, the first thing you can expect is a gen knowledge quiz on the RSigs.

    The DS are , not surprisingly, very keen, with very high standards. Take at least one new uniform with you, make sure you have trf neam tag and union jack sewn in the correct places.

    You will have a WHT within the first day or so, you will have to pass it, if you cannot then I suspect you may be on the wrong course.

    There are tests all the time, don't panic all of the subject matter is taught on the course so there are no nasty surprises.
    There is a document named in the joining instructions, it is downloadable from but your psi should have a copy.

    You will receive and give orders, you will prep a lesson from a subject given by the ds, don't bother prepping one to take.
    You will stay up until the small hours panicking and prepping.

    Do you run or do any phys at all ? If not this is a really good time to start, we had 3 PT sessions, 2 runs and one assault course, the pti said he was not there to make freinds.

    You will get some shooting in on the 25m range, you will see the inside of the gas chamber.

    Drill, the Staff sgt ds loves drill, it makes him feel sexy. Two drill sessions, one practice and one competition, the compo is part of the section comp, no surprise there. Don't expect a bimble up and down the parade square, do expect every muscle to ache like hell afterwards.

    Take a tams, a decent up to date one with extra waterproof paper for note, you can take an orders book but will soon realise they are pump as everyone has a different format.

    and thats the first week, don't expect and r+r day.

    Field phase
    It starts on Sunday, they don't tell you the end day, just that the course ends on the saturday pm. Anyhting earlier than that is a bonus.

    You go into a harbour location, it may be a nice farm complex, it may not. You go into routine and basically support yourselfs. DS will tell you your bounds and that they want shell scrapes etc but thats about it. When I say shell scrapes i dont mean a scratch on the turf, shellscrapes will NEVER be deep enough

    You will do patrols, round robins, section attacks, recces, command task, give and rx orders, you will certainly be 2ic for a period and possibly 1ic

    Expect the unexpected

    I'm off to lie down now , flashbacks you see, any questions pm me or post them here
  7. GSSigs

    GSSigs Clanker


    Thanks for the lowdown, sounds really good. Bring it on!
  8. Steven

    Steven LE

    Not takeing the p!ss here (or trying desperately hard not to) but 3 PT sessions only?

    FFS on my dettys it was 0600 parade at the Gym every morning for an hours beasting and 3-4 sessions in the quarry each week for 3 weeks solid..

    Drill was every sodding day as well.

    13 Sigs detties course, what fun days they were!
  9. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Steven , I'm sure more pt can be crammed in but the biggest contraint is time, the ta course is 2 weeks , regs get 4
  10. Steven

    Steven LE

    Polar. It's ok, I was just having flash backs :( Shudder ............
  11. forniup

    forniup LE

    I'll second that good bloke though (if it's the same one) Likes his shouting but funny with it
  12. fozzy

    fozzy Guest

    But it feels like 4 weeks...

    How does the Army do that? Make each 24 hours seem like 48 - especially in the teeth of a gale with horizontal rain (flashbacks to my detties)
  13. whitenoisebabies

    whitenoisebabies Old-Salt

    the one with a penchant for saying "arrrreee thereeee any questions" and "perhaps....." however" and one last one "stop whinging your worse than my cat"

    thats the one me polar69, devilish, smarties, frenchie and rambo chick know (regretably....)
  14. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Anything to add whitey ?
  15. forniup

    forniup LE

    Ha Ha Thats the one Forgot about that he also had a penchant for "Can't means won't wont means JAIL!!!"