Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Dale the snail, Jul 1, 2004.

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  1. Gaydar are you calling out GOD??????? 8O
  2. No, just that Welsh smelling, Frog wannabe Flash. :D

    Dale, why you stirring up sh*t? 8O
  3. You double dog dared me on Jargon. I can't let a dare go. You will lose however. Never mind eh??? Love Ya Cpl xxx
  4. Love you too, Dear. :D
  5. You will still lose. I can not forgive Flash for what he did, but he is still one of ours. (Sheeeite - I sounded like yours and Flashy's bird then!)
  6. Flash versus Corporal! Oh what a titanic show-down this will be! like two squealing buffties fighting over the last Rhinestone-studded posing pouch at the Laura Ashley spring sales!
  7. True. You'll know me right off, I'm the handsome one.
  8. Definite fighting talk.........

    Handsome? My ARRSE!!!!!
  9. will there be mud involved (she asked wickedly..........) 8)
  10. You are in charge of hot dogs again - no mud for you.
  11. Come on then ladies, fight!

    We all know Flash will win, when his lady boy 'friend' BB jumps in....
  12. Flash won't be around to comment on any of this tonight. Thursday is when he scrubs the wheel spins out of BB's under crackers. Then he has to polish her teeth and clip her toe nails. Poor chap.
  13. Thats no fun.

    Ok then, bagsy a pop at that damn fox in the interval. My city shirt is newer than HIS :lol:

    Added: get the mud in for the main event :p
  14. Can I have the popcorn stand again - I won't throw it this time - honest :twisted:

    BTW - Nice to see you giving the septics sh1t in their own back yard dale.