Corporal stole laptops from army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ukdaytona, Oct 9, 2008.

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  1. This may of already been covered.....

    A corporal in the Army who "stole hand over fist" from the Ministry of Defence has been jailed for 20 months.

    The 25yo Corporal, worked at the MoD base in Northwood, near Watford, when he stole 25 laptops and 11 42in plasma televisions valued at £62,000, appeared for sentence after admitting four charges of obtaining property by deception and six of fraud.

    St Albans Crown Court heard the Corporal had access to a purchasing card.

    Prosecutor Cameron Crowe said this allowed him to order the expensive electrical goods.

    Nine of the Sony laptops, worth in total £15,000, were received by co-defendant David Croucher.

    Croucher, of Greenfields Avenue, Totton, Southampton, sold them on to unsuspecting customers through his eBay account and was convicted of handling.

    He joined the Army in 2000 and was on his way to a "glittering career" having been promoted from corporal to sergeant, he said.

    Ronald Jaffa, for Croucher, said he had used his own name and address and phone number to sell the computers.

    "It was not a sophisticated handling of stolen goods, " he said.

    He said Croucher, who is involved in coaching with the England speedway team, was in ill health and was waiting for an operation on his lower back. At the time he was in a very large amount of debt, he said.

    Jailing Judge Marie Catterson said: "You stole hand over fist. You were behaving with arrant dishonesty. It is a tragedy for you that you have thrown away a good career with prospects."

    Croucher was given an eight month sentence, suspended for two years.
  2. taking the term "buckshee" kit to the next level...
  3. Hardly Brinks Mat, but what does the Army use 42in plasma Tvs for? Is there not a cheaper option of displaying large screen television. No wonder the people at the front have to "make do and mend".
  4. 25 years old and just made upto sergeant, you've got to wonder what's going through his head when he's earning a decent wage and secure in his job, how he thought he'd get away with this type of high end stuff going walkies is a bit of weird one.
  5. A fullscrew with a purchasing card?? I thought that level of fraud was reserved for ruperts and other such 'grown ups'?
  6. Presumably the watchkeepers at Northwood need something to keep them entertained during their shifts? :?

  7. Would you prefer us to watch the open championship and the footy on a 21" portable TV when we're at work :x
  8. How the f*ck did he get the TV out?
  9. Don't you mean 11 TVs!!!!! 8O

    Edit for being a spelling biff
  10. Bit of a Bear Sh1t found in woods story really. Soldiers steal. Hardly a surprise really.
  11. But there's a hell of a difference between some AA batteries and a roll of HB to 62k's worth of telly and laptops.

    Or maybe I'm just not thinking big enough.
  12. Ah ha, you are talking survival techniques. In my experience the real theft comes with a certain type of individual has access to any form of accounting system. These ones are not ordinarily criminal but consider this as a victimless crime that will not be detected. Best places to find them are unit accounts and expense claims.
  13. This makes me think that one day I could buy my Aston Martin mmmmmmmm wicked thought going on in the head.
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Or render yourself nigh on unemployable for the rest of your life.

  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Government workers are the worst. I mean there was this one guy who basically did some accounting for No.10, and then one day he managed to steal the whole fucking country! Last I heard he was using it as a toy for him and his mates to mess around with, but I think he might be selling it to a Middle Eastern consortium soon.