Corporal Rodney Wilson, 4 Rifles, killed in Iraq

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine, Jun 12, 2007.

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    It is with much sadness that the Ministry of Defence must confirm the death of Corporal Rodney Wilson from 4th Battalion The Rifles, in southern Iraq on Thursday 7 June 2007.

    Corporal Wilson, aged 30, was killed in the Al Atiyah district, north west of Basra City at about 0220 hours. His patrol was part of a search and detention operation led by 2nd Battalion The Royal Welsh when they came under attack from small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades.

    The patrol took casualties and, despite the heavy fire, Corporal Wilson stepped in to evacuate one of the wounded when he himself was hit. Corporal Wilson was evacuated by helicopter to the field hospital at the British base at Basra Air Station, but sadly, and despite receiving the best possible treatment, he died of his injuries at 0340 hours. There were three other casualties during this operation, but their injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

    The operation came at a tragic cost, but the Royal Welsh and the Rifles succeeded in their mission. They uncovered the largest cache of weapons yet found by 1 Mechanised Brigade, the UK's current lead formation in Iraq, and detained five local men suspected of criminal activities. Amongst the weapons were 60 mortar bombs, a roadside bomb, and a mortar firing tube.

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    A brave man - RIP
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    Rest in peace brave lad.
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    RIP - a brave man and a beacon to us all.

    Swift and Bold
  7. RIP. Another sad loss.

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  9. RIP Fella.
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    Swift an Bold
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    Swift and Bold
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    Thoughts go to family and friends at this difficult time.
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    does anyone know if will served at ATR winchester, he was LI before the merge?

    If it is him top bloke and RIP
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    Stand easy, mate.