Corporal Punishment and the armed services

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by zachariah, May 5, 2004.

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  1. I'm working on some info on the history of corporal punishmnet in the armed services (official and unofficial). As part of the project I'd also like some feedback on current members attitudes generally. Do you think society would be better off if cp were re-introduced in schools? Would you support it in the judicial system? Older guys especially, did you have any experience of "unofficial discipline"? (Did it work?) Any contributions on this wide topic or contacts much appreciated.
  2. Corporal punishement, official and unofficial, turned me into the colourful character that I am now! I recommend it to everyone!

    Especially being given the belt (Scottish me!) by my naked gym teacher! :wink:
  3. Public floggings would be quite entertaining...... or a possible way for the government to raise a little revenue by selling tickets? :lol:
  4. Cait, if you did it wearing that T-shirt I for one would there for every flogging! :wink:
  5. Make a change from the endless tedium of snooker on BBC2....

    On a serious note, the Royal Marines Museum in Southsea have some old punishment books on exhibition, which record a number of fairly stiff penalties (400 lashes), for 'unnatural behaviour'. Of course, in these PC days one can hardly comment upon what that might be, but I think I'm safe in saying that Peter Mandelson would have been in serious trouble if had been a bootie in those days...
  6. I was beaten at home, in school and in basic training with fists, belts and the 'slipper'. I now have to pay women to do it to me as I'm nearly 6 foot and 14 stone, so picking a fight on Saturday night doesn't work as most run off. Zachariah, your not a woman by any chance?
  7. i would be more concerned he/she isn't a journo!
  8. I already figured that, but I'm hoping it's a she. She can research corporal punishment with me if she likes.
  9. Wasn't Corporal Punishment the battalion hygiene NCO in charge of the SAL block and dixy bashing?
  10. Yes, - but does she fill it as well??!!! :roll:
  11. Gunny, its a long time since you passed 14 stone :D

    I got a couple of cracks in training for things like, gobbing off, forgetting the safety catch / change lever on the LMG and being a mongol on the drill square.

    Never did me any harm and ensured I remembered the safety catch for the rest of my career and even now when I shoot on civvy strasse.
  12. But you love me all the same.
  13. I bloody well hope so! :twisted:
  14. Gunny love is blind

    You could wear a welders mask and force a tray of jam butties up your hoop, I'd still love you
  15. 8O :D

    If Zachariah is a journalist, again, what a twaat for coming on here 'fishing' for gossip as part of his/her 'research'. Get off your ARRSE and do some proper journalism.