Corporal Peter William Laing, The Black Watch

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by error_unknown, Mar 18, 2005.

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  1. While we are all justly excited about Pte Beharry's tremendous bravery, I notice that Cpl Laing has received a QGM to add to his MC! He will also be needing a wheelbarrow to cart his enormous, clanging, steel balls around. :D
  2. A QGM and an MC....... Feel like volunteering to push said Barrow round for him
  3. Well done to Cpl Laing MC QGM of the Black Watch.
    Lot of very brave people being honoured today.

    I think B+Q will run out of wheelbarrows!

    I shall be raising a glass to them all tonight.
  4. Cogratulations to Cpl Laing MC QGM,and to all 1BW who recieved awards yesterday.I will also be toasting them tonight!!

    Forward the forty twa!

    As we say in 1BW....................
  5. Outstanding Corporal Laing, truly outstanding.
  6. Sorry to interrupt, but what is a QGM and an MC? Still working on my Britspeak.
  7. Yes, not to be forgotten, well done the Black Watch and all those receiving honours and awards.

    Well done to that RM reservist as well, that affair must have been a bit hairy, anyone seen the citation?
  8. QGM = Queens Gallantry Medal
    MC = Military Cross

    Both are awards made to servicemen for bravery.

  9. Outstanding effort Cpl Laing

    I imagine he has the RSM pushing the wheelbarrow around for him :lol:
  10. Cheers GR!
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    They are real medals for real men, not brave boy badges because your civvie airliner flew over Belfast at 6 miles altitude. :D
  12. Well done both The 'Watch and The PWRR. Yesterday I was so hacked off with this Army and to be honest I have been for some time. However, just reading what those lads all did for thier richly deserved awards has put a few things into perspective. What a morale booster eh?

    I am exceptionally proud to serve in the same Army as these men. I wish them and thier proud families every happiness and success for thier respective futures.

    We're not too quick to reward, but when we do, we do get it right.

    They have set examples for those who come after us to look up to and follow. Can you imagine the look on the faces of new recruits in the not too distant future at ITC Catterick, when they learn that thier Platoon Sgt is a VC holder? No finer example of soldiery.

    Lets not forget the young lad from the HCR who bagged that GC on the last round. Another exceptionallly selfless and courageous young Tom.

    There is a God out there.......and he wears Combat '95.
  13. Corporal

    Ref your previous request for info about Brit awards, the following link explains in detail the top awards in the military and civilian population. The Victoria Cross is the equivalent to your Medal of Honor.

  14. If this wasn't a serious thread, I'd give that comment the answer it deserves.

    Well done Corporal Laing. I am of the mind that the men of the Black Watch are not to be taken lightly.

    EDIT: Cheers for all the info on the Brit medals gents, very helpful.