Corporal Lachlan MacNeils latest hit in [on?] the Guardian


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Cracking writing, very informative, and at least it adds a counter-weight to the Grauniad's own mis-reporting - so well done the Grauniad.
I agree it is well written and informative, just a worry as to why the grauniad is doing this, or have I become so distrusting of journalists?
An Argyll who doesn't need a translator... Writing; sentences, punctuation and stuff, for the Grauniad...

Never thought I'd see the day, Wasn't like that in my time etc
Good article. Well written, Cpl MacNeill, and well done Guardian for publishing the views of the soldier, rather than just the views of the journalist.
Well done Cpl MacNeil for writing it, well done the Guardian for running it.

And for the Mayor of Warminster, just plain well done!
This man is a proper war correspondent and I would not be surprised if he was 'head hunted' as such upon his return or release from his military duties. A big BZ to him and his men.

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